The Power Of Friendship

One marvelous day I was sitting at home with my friend Harmony. It was a very boring day when we were playing with my dog outside, which we love so much but we didn’t want a dog so we were thinking about selling her, but we couldn’t decide if we should sell her because we loved her so much. Anyways this is my amazing dog, her name is Rose, she is a beautiful dog and she likes dressing up in the amazing dog clothes I buy for her. Rose enjoys playing ball, but she doesn’t like playing in mud, it’s her worst enemy. Later on after a lot of arguing and talk we decided that we were going to sell her. After we decided that we went looking for someone that would like to buy her and someone that would love the way we do. We went from one person to the next, we went to our friends house, We even asked some strangers when we were walking. After that we decided to go home because we had no luck.

On our way home we met a nice lady that looked like she would love and look after Rose very well. She said that she loved Rose and she had a beautiful name. The old woman also liked how Rose dresses, how she acts and how soft her fur was. She also really likes Rose because she doesn’t play in the mud and still feels like many other dogs, but a bit more special. The lady we sold Rose to didn’t have any money, so instead she gave us a flower and told us that it would grow a fairy. Later on when we were home, Harmony said to me “I think she’s lying don’t you”, and I said “I didn’t even believe her for one second”. I went to the bin with the flower and suddenly Harmony grabbed me and begged me to let her grow the flower in the garden, finally I said yes.

We graded the flower and planted it in our garden, but by the time we finished up it was dark so we went to bed. Harmony was really excited and happy about the flower, but I don’t know what she got interested about it, because if she wanted a flower that badly then why didn’t she tell me, I could’ve just bought one at the store for her. The next day when I woke up in the morning, Harmony dragged me outside to see the flower. When me and Harmony checked on our flower that was said to be magical, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked angin, it was so big, just then I realized that it wasn’t any ordinary flower, it was magical alright. 

It was a giant flower which had a little tiny thing sitting on it and I really did think I was imagining it all. The little tiny thing sitting on the flower was actually real. I felt like I was just in some fairy tales that my parents used to tell me when I was little, but I guess not, I guess fairies are real and we’ve never known. I always thought fairy were just in stores that our parents read to us to put us to sleep at night. She was asleep but she was very tiny. The fairy was the size of my and Harmony pinkie finger. 

A few days passed and the fairy got older and older, and soon she was the same size as us. The fairy also got mean and mean and she was a very rich fairy, she always showed off her money and her designer clothes but she never would share. She never would be nice and she would always steal people’s food and take everybody’s things and she wasn’t scared of anyone.

One day me and Harmony decided that we were tired of her games and it was time to take her down, so we made a plan to climb the giant flower. The next day we spent all our time thinking about our plan, and when night fell, our plan went into action. Me and Harmony packed our bags and started climbing the flower. Finally when we reached the top we saw a giant Kingdom, which is where the fairy lived. We decided to take back everything she took from us and everybody else and give it back to the villages. 

After that we went to the castle door and crawled underneath the door to check if the fairy was there. The fairy was sitting on the couch watching television. We sneakily went behind the couch to check if she was distracted, which she was. Then we sneaked to her magical cupboard which keeps all of the things she took from us but it needed a key. So we went and looked all around the kingdom and we found a key but it was on a bench by her cat, so we stacked on each other and we climbed up but we had to be careful not to wake the cat up. 

After we got the key and jumped back down, we quietly went and opened the door we sneaked in. We got some of the things but we didn’t have time to get all of it because we couldn’t hold all of it. We threw it all down and then we had a few more things that we threw down. We did it again and again and again until we got everything we needed but halfway through the fairy attacked us she was shooting powerful fireballs at us. Lucky she missed every time or we would have been crushed into tiny pieces. 

I wonder how we even got away with that but at least we got all the things. We quickly climbed down the flower and cut the flower down, then we grabbed everything and took it inside and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up and got really, then we put everything in the taxes and drove all around the village and gave everyone’s things back to them, and at the end of the day everyone was happy.

And for the people that are wondering after the flower that we cut down last night, we don’t know where it went because this morning when we woke up, the flower we cut down was gone, me and Harmony think it disappeared because it isn’t any ordinary flower after all.

!The End!


If you think you know where the magical flower went, let me know in the comment below and hope you enjoyed. If you liked my writing don’t worry because I will post more soon!

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