My teacher is a kid!

One day, I was walking to school hoping for a good day. Then suddenly I found out that something suspicious happened and it turned our teacher into their 9 year old self from

the 90’s. They have no memory of the last 20 years they had gone crazy. As soon as I found

out I started running as fast as I could. We all had to immediately try to help our teacher

and try to figure out who had done it to our wonderful teachers.

After that we all decided that we were going to take our teachers to the nurses. The doctors tried as long as they could it took at least 2 hours. They said that there was no cure and that they haven’t seen anything like it before.

The students went back to class and contined to think. Since we knew that the doctors couldn’t find anything to solve this mystery. How will the students of team 4 get their teachers back!?

The 9 year old version of our teacher wanted to watch Looney Tunes all day long. The children didn’t know what to do because they have never ever babysited. They decided

to let the 9 year old version of our teacher watch Looney Tunes for a while.

After that they Realised that they have been watching Looney Tunes for around 2 hours.

The children decided they should go and have some lunch. Just as they finished making their lunch the clock stroke 3:00.

Suddenly the teacher’s got lifted up into the air like ghosts. There were sparkly strokes of Glitter around them. Then they got turned into these selves again it was like amiracle

The End

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