Delicious Dinner

Today we decided to eat out because it was the week end,; and my mum wasn’t feeling the best. So we got ready and then we got in the car. We went to Nandos and got 2 sizable chickens, one hot and one BBQ. It smelt delicious, my mouth was watering and it looked like it had lots of flavours and Sauce on top. When the waitress brought our food, the whole restaurant smelled like the delicious chicken.

I couldn’t wait to eat, I was so hungry and just looking at it made my stomach was starving. This made me slightly regret the fact that I wanted to stay home. It was very cold outside so I kind of wanted to stay inside the restaurant because they had a heater. Nando’s had a heater to keep the Marvellous restaurant warm from the stormy wind outside.

The waitress was very nice, she offered some different types of sauces to eat with our delicious chips. We got both the plain chip and peri-peri chip which is a bit spicy. Which one do you prefer? I had to eat the plane chips because the peri peri chips were a bit too spicy for me.

We also decided to get one wrap which was for my sister Zaeeda, she loves the wrap in Nando’s. They are one of our favourite restaurants to go to for a dinner outing. Nando’s also have great table positioning, they don’t mind if you join the tables together which is great because our family is a bit big so we need three tables for our beautiful family dinner.

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