The Discovery of Chocolate

One casual afternoon my good friend Mr Mc Wack asked me what his new chocolates should be. “Could you please tell me a special ingredient that could make my chocolate delicious?” he said. In my head I was thinking and after a few minutes I decided on chocolate syrup. I called and told Mc Wack that the secret ingredient should be chocolate syrup. 

The next day I was relaxing at home having a very boring day, I was sitting on the couch watching television there was nothing else for me to do. All of a sudden I got a call from a private number wandering in my head who it could be. I answered the phone and said “hello”, the person on the other end replied.

I couldn’t recognise the voice so I asked who it was and the person said “it’s me Mr Mc Wack”. I asked Mr Mc Wack what he wanted and he said my chocolate has been stalling by somebody.
“Who do you think stole it and which chocolate was it?” Mr Mc Wack said that nobody else knew about it and that his were the only eyes yet.

I was very worried about Mr Mr Mc Wack because he worked very hard to make this recipe and I didn’t know what to do. Mc WackI was very worried he didn’t know what to do because the whole town was counting on him. He had to tell a speech and present his new chocolate and all the interviewers wanted to interview him.

Mc Wack asked me if I could go and have a whole search for his chocolate without anybody knowing. I wasn’t sure about it but he was my best friend and I couldn’t let him down so I said ok sure. Mc Wack was very happy when he heard that I was going to search for his missing chocolate.

The next day I packed my bag and got onto the train, I had to hunt every area that I knew about. I searched for one whole hour and was found. I didn’t know how long it would take to find one clue, I was a bit scared. Suddenly I heard some moving in the bushes, I slowly crept up and pushed the bushes to the side and all I saw was a little mouse.

I continued my journey through each place then I’ve just remembered that the white chocolate factory owner hated my friend Mc Wack. So I decided to get back on the train and head back to the town. I got into a taxi and told the driver to drive as fast as you can.

I quickly got out of the taxi and I climbed up the stairs and quickly went to my friend’s apartment where Mc Wack lived on the very last floor. I had to use all my might to get to the last floor but when I got there Mc Wack wasn’t there I didn’t know where else he could be. I thought to myself where else would he go to search for his treasure, I remembered that he had an interview today and I said to myself “Mr Mc Wack is probably hiding”.

I went to the hideout where Mr Mc Wack and I always used to go when we were sad. It was a treehouse that we built. It was made from broken pieces of wood. When I went to the Treehouse I saw somebody was crawling up on our Beanbag warm & cosy so I thought it was Mr Mc Wack.

I was so glad to see him and I ran up to him and told him the good news but Mr Mc Wack didn’t seem too excited. I asked him what was wrong and Mr Mc Wack said that so many people are getting mad at me for not getting the interview about the new chocolate. I said don’t worry Mr Mc Wack we’ll get your chocolate back because I think I know who had taken it in the first place.

We got a cab and went back to the city, we were very cross at the owner of the White Chocolate Factory. But we still were not sure if he was actually the person who had stolen it and we had to find some more proof till. We already had a few clues from what we knew, one that the owner of the White Chocolate Factory hated Mr Mc Wack and that he has been a criminal for a few years now.

When we got to the White Chocolate Factory we went into the door past the guards to the owner of the White Chocolate Factories office. When Mr Mc Wack and I got to the office we went through all the drawers and covers searching for more proof. Suddenly somebody climbed the stairs, we didn’t know who it was and we were hoping it was the owner of the White Chocolate Factory.

The person came to the door and it was the owner of the White Chocolate Factory we were so glad to finally see him. We quickly got up and said sit here we have to give you a little interview about something. Question 1 did you happen to steal anything lately “no no of course not” he said, question 2 have you happen to be making a new recipe he said “of course I don’t like my old recipe so I made this new one which is much better than yours”.

Then I saw a piece of paper poking out of the last draw by the desk I said quickly to Mr Mc Wack look over there. “What is it? It’s a purple file and it could have a little secret that we needed to find the chocolate”.
“I’ll go see and you keep the owner busy.

While I go have a look at what’s in that file, good idea”.

I sneaked up behind the owner and grabbed the file. I was about to take a look inside, there was no turning back. I didn’t even want to stop looking at what I saw inside this, it was the recipe and a tiny sample of the chocolate that went missing. I knew we’d solve this case. Now we have the biggest secrets that could put The owner of the White Chocolate Factory back in jail and Mr Mc Wack back in business.

We grabbed the little sample and made a big business and luckily the owner of the  White Chocolate Factory got sent back to jail. Now me and Mr Mc Wack can have a relaxing afternoon with some tea and chocolate. Anyways everybody got the interviews and everybody got to taste the wonderful chocolate.

The End

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