The Time Machine (Remake)

Time machines always sound like fun, till you actually use one! I just transported back through time to the 90s! My iPhone phone doesn’t work, I can’t find Wifi anywhere, and worst of all you should see the TV’s here. Let me explain what happened…

I was working on my incredible flying ship. I have been waiting so long for this dream to come true. But suddenly the engine stopped working and it seemed like my plan was going down hill. I decided I would start it all again and try to find out the problem.

Some people like to call me the witchy wicked scientist. For some unknown reason they don’t know that my name is actually Jake. I had to get back to work to finish my amazing flying ship. No other human being has laid eyes on this invention, before.

As he was working on his beautiful flying ship he remembered that he had a radio lying somewhere. So he went through his old junk. He found a old flat tire, some chains and some sticky glue. There was no sign of the radio, maybe he had left it in his spare parts bin.

Jake went out to find his radio. Then a strange hood person walks into the Garage. Then the mystery person plays with the wires, the mystery person plugs the Blue cord into the red socket and gets and plugs the red cord into the Blue socket.

Jake comes back with his old radio he puts it in and gets ready for takeoff. Jake decided that he would want to go back to 2010. Suddenly as he pushed the button his ship went crazy and took him back in time to the 90s.

Jake quickly got out and went to the newspaper stand as quickly as he could. He read the years on the newspaper and it said 1990 he went crazy. Jake went and brought some clothes to blend in. He looked around and saw fewer and older cars, most teens were riding around on bikes.

He then tries to take a look at the ship. But it was very hot, it had just flown through time. 30 years to be exact. Jake decided to hide the ship in a Shady area.

By then it was the afternoon so Jake decided to try and fix the ship so he could go back home. There was a storm coming in and they needed a giant amount of power source to get the ship working. Jake decided to use the storm to power the ship and get back home safely. Until then he was going to have to make do in the 90s.

The 90’s was a lot more different and life was definitely better 30 years from now. The fashion here was decent, but definitely not the same shirt pants and lab coat this scientist was used to. The food was simple and there were a lot more diners, everybody loved their milkshakes. But Jake was going to have to make do with what he had.

The next day that very same afternoon the storm hit as hard.. He quickly got his amazing inventions and took it out by the lightning and thunder he was soaking in water. But he stood strong and waited for the Lightning to hit.

When It hit it landed right at the antenna that he had to attach on his ship. The exact time as it had hit he ran to the door, opened it and got inside and pressed the button back to 2020. With his fingers crossed hoping that it would go to the right year.

Jake finally got home to a safe and sound year with everything that he liked. Jake was so happy to be home but he still hasn’t figured out who has been playing with his ship. Jake decided to go have a snack he was starving from his long day.

later on he looked at the security footage of the surveillance cameras in his lab. It the person that mucked up his ship was, none other than HIMSELF. But it wasn’t the exact version of himself, it was him from the FUTURE. But that’s a tale for another time!

The End

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