What I Think About Land Pollution

About land pollution?

Land pollution refers to the failure of the earth’s land surfaces, at and below ground level. The cause is the increase of firm and liquid waste materials that  infect the groundwater and soil. Some of the things that can increase firm and liquid waste materials are called storage tanks, containing gasoline, oil, chemicals, or other types of liquids and they can either be above or below ground. By making use of the natural shale and clay in the land, the risk of land pollution has been significantly decreased.

What I think about land pollution?

 I think that people should stop pollution, because it is affecting our environment and because over 700 species of marine animals have been reported to have eaten or been entangled in plastic. Did you know that scientists think that the enormous amount of plastic in the ocean could be triple by 2050?  This means very seriously bad news for the ocean and the creatures that live in it.

How do I really feel about plastic?

I think that people won’t be able to live without plastic, but sometimes people put plastic on things that don’t need it, for example factories put plastic around jelly containers but we do not need it because jelly already comes in a sealed container and why do people use plastic bags when you could use a reusable bag (tote bag) and save the planet instead. So my point is try to use the least amount of plastic possible, whenever you can.

How is plastic good and bad at the same time?

Everyone knows  that not all plastic is bad, because some plastic things can save people’s lives, for example, bike helmets, car airbags, and many medical supplies. Plastic water bottles can bring clean drinking water to the people who don’t have it and are to the people it’s unavailable to, and plastic straws can help people with a disability to drink.


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