My Movie idea

The first idea is a horror movie which occurred in a house which was previously lived in by a family who were all mystifying murders with no description why. A new family moves in and a well mannered girl finds an item inside a creepy dark green box that has spider webs on it and rats creeping around it. This item could be a locket or a diamond ring that was a rosy shade of red. It made weird things happened and started to haunt the new family by allowing dead spirits to visit the other side.

The next idea is kind of like the first one, based in a house where the earlier on family were all murdered in a strange way .The difference between this idea and the first idea is that the young girl finds the items such as the locket and the ring. It magically chooses her and takes control of her to make bad things happen in order to get their revenge.

Next idea is a house with the family or a couple living there. A group of killers whether that’s a group of killers who are family or friends or a cult choose a home to randomly punish. This idea is similar to the film ‘Ghostbusters.

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