Day: April 17, 2022

Megatron’s Hunt

One night I snuck out the backdoor to go and meet the mystery person. I was scared and my spine shivered as the wolves howled, there were glowing lights everywhere. I carefully climbed up the hill as fast as I could to meet the mystery person.


Unexpectedly I had made it to the secret hideout where I was going to meet the mystery person. I was so excited I wanted to take a video of it but the mystery person clearly said that he didn’t want anyone to know about this. The mystery person had snuck away to meet me so I couldn’t break my promise to him.


I still don’t understand why somebody so mysterious would want to meet me as an ordinary person. Is mystery person cruel and dangerous to be around? Finally I went face to face with the worst villain, his name was Megatron.


I asked him what he was doing here and he said he had come for a holiday but he didn’t really look like he was. It looked like he was on an evil mission to destroy people’s homes and make a new army of people.


I asked Megatron if I could give him a few questions to answer so then I would get to know him better. I was very scared when I first asked Megatron But then when he said yes, I was very surprised. He wanted to know a few things about me as well so I got a chance to get to know him and he got a chance to get to know me.


We had a very long night and a few disagreements. We ended up agreeing to everything at the end of the fun and enjoyable night. It was very hard for me to get back home so Megatron decided to give me a ride home so it would save me time and neither of us would get in trouble.


The End