Going White Water Rafting

“Are you coming or not?” she demanded as she took a few steps further into the tunnel. “Yeah wait up” I yell as i follow quickly behind my friend Harmony. We got there and we saw people on huge rafts i felt a tad bit nervous and my friend Harmony could feel her heart pounding.

If you want to know why we decided to go on this wonderful trip it is because I want it to go somewhere from a longtime after being in quarantine and level 4 Lockdown. Also because I like going on trips and getting used to new things like last term we went on a trip to Goat Island. Also I have to say Goat Island was very fun we went snorkeling and we saw new types of fish that we didn’t even know that existed.

It was a delightful trip and I’m hoping that we get to go snorkeling somewhere else sooner or later and we like being on water so this is a good activity for us. People were getting freaked out as the water rushed faster and faster. Some people enjoy the rushing water with hard wind blowing through their hair.

As we continued our trip we had to paddle harder as the waves got bigger. They were around 2 metres long. I felt spectacular and excited the smile on my face that I’d never seen before. My friend Harmony felt glad that we went on this trip she was happier then ever.

After another hour of paddling and having fun and taking cute selfies it was time that we went home. The guide safely got the raft to the shore, using a series of paddling maneveurs. Before we went home we were starving so we decided to buy some McDonald’s. We got some McDonald’s and sat down and eat it we loved it. We were tired I decided to go home and sleep.

The End

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