My First Day At Hogwarts

One remarkable morning I was on the train that had just stopped. I was told to get off the train and line up ready to be taken into our new school, Hogwarts, also known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was worried and nervous but I just continued walking to the boat with all the other witches and wizards that were going to Hogwarts. Finally we were taken into Hogwarts. It was noisy and everybody was so excited, I was glad because I knew that I would make some new friends at this school.


After a little while, we entered a place that was over flooded with frogs and soon the canoe was surrounded by frogs. I couldn’t see anything but luckily, Hagrid put a spell on the canoe to make it roll itself. After we got out of that place safely, we saw a huge building, it resembled a castle. I wonder what it would look like on the inside. I was very thrilled so were all the other witches and wizards on the canoe around  me.


We finally entered the school called Hogwarts. Everybody was so content with joy and excitement. I had butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. We walked up the stairs which took a bit of time since there were multiple stairs and multiple people. Some people got turned into another direction on the way up but after we ended up in the same spot.


We walked up the two last stairs which was easily done, we looked up and we saw a lady who was going to show us to our classes. She gave us a great welcome to the school and she reminded us where to go which was very nice of them. I was so happy, I didn’t even get to my first class but I knew that I’ll have a brilliant day today.


After a little while I met a nice person who was also lost like me so we decided to walk together. We read the map together and got to know each other, and I learned her name was Hermione Granger. She asked me what my name was and I said I’m Harry Potter, she looked shocked and said “you mean the famous Harry Potter, who’s parents died”, and I said “Yes” sadly. By the time we finished talking, we found out how to read the map which was a really hard job since we didn’t learn how to control our magic yet. The directions on our map were different but I’m in the same area as Hermione but mine was math and Hermione’s class was magic.


Off I went to our classes which was boring since I had nobody to talk to because Hermione took the stairs and I just took the elevator. But it was ok because after a few minutes I did meet Hermione again at the door because our classes were right next to each other. After that our teachers came so I had to go to my class and Hermione had to go to her class. Hogwarts was going to be a great school. I was so happy I decided to go to  Hogwarts, because I knew it was going to be a good year.


The End

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