Home Learning – Literacy

As much of an expert as he was, he started to tremble in fear looking at the floor below him.

When stepping forward again he looked down and started to whimper as the wind blew around him.

Looking around him he could see that the other side wasn’t as far away as he thought.

In fear the boy took a step and then another step until he had reached the end.

Relieved and happy, the boy jumped in joy because he had finished walking along the stressful powerline.

After jumping in joy he then looked behind him to see the spectacular view right in front of his eyes.

Task Description: This week for our home learning literacy task, we had to write a 6 sentence story based on this image, we were not allowed to write any more or any less than 6 sentences, we had to use as much description as possible. After that we completed the task, and posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

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