Lost In The Forest

The forest was empty to me more than the entire forest was pitch-black. My shoes felt damped, as I could feel the humidity on my skin, the sky was black as ink and the trees swayed in the breeze. Lost in the greenwood forest with no idea how to get out, my blood-curdling as the cold air went down my back.

The clock ticked 12 on a shadowy and sunless Monday morning. I left to meet Mary at her house, my best friend. We were having the time of our lives when a silly idea popped up in that little head of Mary’s.

Mary and her foolish and idiotic mindset wanted to go into the prohibited forest. My mother called it the impermissible forbidden forest because we weren’t allowed or permitted to go there…for so reason.

But still, we went anyways… She had decided for us to take an adventure in the gloomy forest where there was no sun to shine through the greenwood forest. Mary took my hand and headed to the forest. Our journey began!

Mary and I were walking fast as we tried t

o explore, but we had no idea where we were. Lost in the forest we were, we roamed around worrying. I knew this was not a good idea…But still continued.

We strolled around the greenwood forest again but little did we know we were going round in circles. Until Mary mentioned that she saw a house that seemed disturbing and haunted every time.

Mary had another insane idea. She sugges

ted going into the haunted house so that we could rest. I knew this would end terribly, but I just agreed. I opened the rigid door, and we both went in.

The inside of the house was grubby, full of grim and dust. It had hoary furniture and a staircase that seemed like it would collapse at any minute. I felt a wried feeling inside my gut. It made me sick to my guts. My stomach gave me a gruelling time as if it was trying to tell me something.

She once said, “Insecurity is rooted in your lack of worth, whereas intuition is a vigilant defender of your worth. The more you listen to your inner voice of truth, while not


listening to the voice of lies, the more you know that you can trust your inner knowing”. And now I know what she meant.


Mary and I both lay on the old-fashioned, dusty bed. After ten elongating long minutes had passed, the two of us quickly decided to leave the haunted house and go back into the forest. As we took a step, noises came out of nowhere, creepy and eerie noises and then BANG! The door slammed shut!


The roof started collapsing as the windows started breaking, and millions of shattered pieces of glass were on the floor! We were trapped in the haunted house in the middle of the forest, alone, stranded, with no one with us. Mary said, “Let’s get out from this window, make sure you don’t hurt yourself”

So we climbed out of the shattered window carefully and slowly, trying not to get hurt by the glass that was pointing toward us. We made it out of the haunted house, I was so glad but we still had to get out of the murky forest.

We walked around the forest, trying to find a way out. It felt like we had been walking forever, my legs felt like jelly and I had no energy left. I was exhausted! I sat down when suddenly I saw something. Turning back to Mary, I told her to follow me, and they’re a few minutes later we found ourselves on a street.

Mary said, “How did you get us here on this street Emily?”, I replied. Well, you see I saw this path of light, I decided to follow it and remember how you told me that there is no sun to shine through the forest well today I think we had a miracle”.

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