Week 6 – Term 3 – Home learning – Writing – 2022


Instructions: Write 1-3 paragraphs about what college you would like to go to next year or in 2040, and talk about why.

Home learning – Selwyn college                                      

The reason I would like to and am is because Selwyn college offers short courses to educate, inspire, up-skill, entertain, and exercise. Their 200+ tutors are experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly. Most have teaching qualifications and many are experts in their fields. The language teachers are all native speakers. They schedule more than 700 courses each year.


They even offer a series of evening lectures called ‘Think Talks’ which are held approximately once every four weeks (suggested donation $5). The majority of their courses are run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but they also have a smaller number of day-time classes, and we run weekend programmes about ten times per year. We also run some children’s after-school and holiday courses.


Another reason is because my 2 older sisters, Alisha the oldest and Zaeeda the middle child, are already there. My dad also went to college there for his choice of education, and now has his own business that he runs alone. He has 4.8 stars on his reviews, and is one of the best mechanics in Auckland. His business is called “Advance Mobile Mechanic”. If you would like to learn more about my dad’s business, click on this: Link. If the link doesn’t work, you can open a new tab and copy & paste “Advance Mobile Mechanic Khan” in the search bar.

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