Questions About The Black Phantom

~ Questions About The Black Phantom ~

  1. Question: What type of bike did Finn tell his mother he wanted? 

Answer: Finn had told his mother that he wanted the BMX Ultra One


  1. Question: What does affecting my social standing mean? 

Answer: Social standing means a person’s status or social class in society, but in this story the writer has used it to show that Finn’s social standing is very important to him and because he didn’t have to BMX Ultra One his social status is very low, and as Finn said “He had nothing to sell, which meant his social life at school was over.” because his mother said that he can have the BMX Ultra One…if he payed for it.


  1. Question: What is a peer group? 

Answer: Peer group means a group of people of approximately the same age, status, and interests, but in this story the writer has used it to show that Finn’s peer group or the people that Finn is friends with all have the BMX Ultra One and I think Finn feels sad because his doesn’t have on because when they are play with their his feel jealous. 


  1. Question: Why did mum agree with everything Finn described about the bike he wanted? 

Answer: I think Finn’s mum agreed with everything Finn described about the bike he wanted because the mum wasn’t planning on buying it for him because she said that “You can have any kind of bike you like, Finn, as long as you pay for it.”


  1. Question: What are stunt pegs on a BMX bike? 

Answer: Stunt pegs on a BMX bike are steel or alloy cylinders attached to the front or rear axles one on or both sides, so you can run your bike with up to four pegs as desired. 


  1. Question: Why was Pop’s bike called the “Black Phantom? 

Answer: Pop’s bike was called the Black Phantom because in the story the writer says “the name suited the bike perfectly. It was shiny polished black with red trims and white pinstripes. Everything on the bike gleamed – the handlebars, the spokes, the fenders – even the tyre rims.


  1. Question: Why did Pop keep the Black Phantom for all those years?

Answer: Pop’s kept the Black Phantom for all those years because when Pop was younger his family didn’t have a lot of money and having that bike was a dream come true for him as a kid. Another reason why Pop’s kept the Black Phantom for all those years is because the younger Pop’s and all the kids that lived in the same street as Pop’s helped him win that bike so being able to give it to someone after him made him feel good.


  1. Question: Why didn’t Finn know about the Black Phantom? 

Answer: Finn didn’t know about the Black Phantom because it was built in 1951 which was the same year Pop’s was born, meaning it’s very old, which makes me think that kids of Finn’s age probably don’t know what the Black Phantom is.


  1. Question: Why did the Daily News offer only boys the chance to win the bike? 

Answer: It didn’t say why the Daily News offered only boys the chance to win the bike in the story, but I think the Daily News only offered boys the chance to win the bike because in the 1950’s women didn’t have rights to work.


This is because men said “A women’s role was to manage the home and purchase groceries, goods, and services for daily life, and Men were to work and financially provide for the family, and women,” in the 1950’s.


  1. Question: How did Pop feel when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike spoke by spoke? 

Answer: Pop felt so happy when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike spoke by spoke, I know this because in the story it says – 

“Finn shook his head. “I can’t take it, Pop. That bike’s way too good to be just given away.”

“I see.” Pop scratched at his ear. “What did you have in mind, then?”

Finn took a breath. “I’d like to…do odd jobs at your place. I’d like to earn the Black Phantom, like you did, Pop.”

He hesitated, embarrassed. 

“You know…spoke by spoke.”

Pop’s smile was slow and warm. “It’s a deal Finn.”

“Awesome!” Finn felt a sense of pride rising in him as he turned to gaze at the Black Phantom, glowing in the afternoon light.”

Which made me feel like Pop felt so happy when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike spoke by spoke.


  1. Question: Why is it better to work hard for something special than to be given it? 

Answer: I think it better to work hard for something special than to be given it because hard work teaches us discipline, dedication and determination. It is certainly important because it is only through hard work that we can achieve the goals of our life. Thus, we all must work hard. Hard work is one of the most important things in life as it helps us to be more confident. If you work hard then you will be able to achieve all your goals, fulfil all your dreams and earn things you want. Working hard with full determination always pushes us one step ahead in life and helps us surpass our limitations. 


Plus your hard work will pay off in dividends as you start to see results in achieving the goals you have set for your life. Hard work is the key to success so don’t feel that being hardworking is a waste of time. Working hard promotes your personal and professional development. Working hard earns you respect, since you set an example for others to follow. Working hard gives you a sense of achievement, fulfilment and self-satisfaction. Working hard helps you stay positive and confident. Which is why I think it is better to work hard for something than to be given it.

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