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I think it’s important for people to celebrate, share and to be proud of their cultures, and that is why I have decided to share my culture with you. My culture is Fiji Indian, so I have decided to tell you all about Fiji today.


Fiji is a lovely island, with many amazing sights to see, things to do and it has great food. Me and my family visit there often, as we have lots of family there. It’s an amazing and beautiful place!

Fiji is not just an island but it’s a country on it’s own. To many people Fiji is just an island or a part of New Zealand. This is because Fiji and New Zealand are both small countries. But Fiji is it’s own country. It has about 540 islets.

Fiji, is made up of many islands. Each one of these is unique and special in it’s own ways. Denarau and Mamanuca Island are two of the best islands in Fiji.

Along with the volcanic tourist attraction Mamanuca Island is also there. It is west of Nadi and south of Yawa Island. The tourist destination is made up of 20 islands. When it is high tide 7 of those islands are submerged.

Mamanuca Island is a volcanic tourist attraction. It is west of Nadi and south of Yawa Island.  The tourist destination is made up of 20 islands, 7 of those islands are submerged underwater at high tide.

Denarau Island is a man-made sanctuary, less than 10 kilometers away from Nadi. Denarau island was built on a former mangrove swamp, and is now a sanctuary for resorts, hotels. Denarau is also home to 6 world-class resorts.

The Islands of Fiji are located in the south-pacific ocean, like the other polynesian islands. Like New Zealand and Australia, Fiji is a part of the continent oceania. The island is filled with tropical beaches, coral gardens and beautiful forests.

Fiji is made up of more than 300 islands. It’s made up of many beautiful, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons.

Fiji is mostly hot all year around, but in the summer which is in December, it’s super hot. But Fiji does experience some extreme weather between June-October, during that time it’s cyclone season.

The weather in Fiji is always amazing, if sunny skies and cool breezes are what you’re looking for. But when it rains, it’s the perfect weather  to cuddle up and watch a movie. Or better yet go play in the rain. It’s never too hot or too cold in Fiji, it’s just right.

Most of the warmest temperatures are experienced in December. As December is considered summer in Fiji. Fiji’s coldest weather takes place in between June-Oct. Nov-April is the cyclone season. It’s said to be the driest month.

The food in Fiji is good too. Ice-cream tastes so much better when it’s hot. Coconut water is found everywhere and anywhere, for very low prices. Don’t get me started on the seafood, let’s just say it’s all amazing and delicious.

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