The Magical Forest

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a magical forest called the mystical forest. In the mystical forest there were amazing creatures like fairies, elves, unicorns and lots more that you couldn’t imagine.


One day the fairy princess met a nice prince and got engaged. She told her father about this and he got angry for not letting him know any sooner. All he was saying to his daughter was stuff like “does your mother know about this?” or “how do you know that he is even of royal blood?”.


Penelope (which was the fairy princesses name) got very tired of this and started yelling back at her father. She was sick and tired of him giving her lectures over nothing, so she decided to run away with her future husband to his kingdom.


Once she got there she got married to the prince. Several weeks after her honeymoon she realised what a terrible mistake she had made for running away from her mother and father. She flew back to her kingdom and went to the palace.


She apologised to them and found out that she had a new baby sister! She was overwhelmed with happiness and her parents were glad that she was back. In the end they all lived happily ever after. I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing! <3

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