Day: November 16, 2022


There was a beautiful orphan girl named Christina. She has beautiful blue eyes with long brown hair. Her mum was screaming during childbirth and then suddenly she died. She had lost everyone in her family during this time because no one wanted her. Her mum’s parents died before I was born. Since her dad didn’t have a wife anymore he went for a new woman. Now Christina lives in an orphanage.


In her orphanage there is an event where the strict leader lets the orphans go out of the orphanage, once a year on their birthday. The leader actually hates them but he didn’t want rumours about him hating them. One day on her birthday, Christina was outside talking to herself. She was saying, “What should I ……” SLAM. “OUCH” cried Christina. She just got hit by a car and the car fled the scene.


A man was walking on the side of the road. The man’s smile suddenly turned into a frown when he noticed a girl lying on the road. The man felt so bad for her so he called the ambulance immediately. After she was examined by the doctors and the nurse, the man was told by the doctor that she had lost her memory.


The doctor said that the man can have a talk with her. When the man went inside he noticed an orphanage bracelet. It said friends of orphan’s street. Suddenly the man called the leader. When the leader told the kids, they burst into tears and they cried their hearts out. The strict leader took pity on them and took them to the hospital. The leader tried to talk to Christina to make her remember her past.


The kids say their names, show pictures and say funny memories to get her memory back, but it doesn’t work. When they realised that it didn’t work they asked the doctor if there was a special treatment. He said “yes!” The only reason that the leader asked is because he did not want to look bad in public.


After they did the treatment she s l o w l y got her memory back. On the leader’s birthday he goes out to celebrate. That day the children got exciting news. The leader died in a car accident. He passed away instead of surviving. As soon as the kids heard that, they started voting Christina to be the leader.


The End