Why The Snake Has No Legs

Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a Snake, but he wasn’t just any other Snake, he was blind. He always told himself “I’m the first of my kind and I’m blind, I’m such a disappointment.”


As you can tell, he was always very hard on himself for being blind, but all of his friends knew it wasn’t his fault. But from time to time they get so tired of Snake and say some very harsh words that make him feel disgusting inside.


Being blind made Snake’s life very compact. Doing simple tasks were difficult for him, and he always gets in lots of trouble because of it. When Snake went places, he would get mocked, so he would run away while crying to himself for hours.


One day, Snake decided to go to a festival because he was in such a good mood, but things started to turn ugly in seconds.


At the Festival ~


Snake starts by bumping into Zebra. Zebra tells Snake about the festival of colours and feels bad for Snake because he cannot see. Snake tries to find the festival of colours but just keeps bumping into stuff.


Snake bumps into more animals and they all feel bad for Snake once they find out that he is blind. Snake bumps into Turtle again and Turtle Yells at him. Then Turtle suggests that Snake borrows a pair of eyes for the festival.


Snake tries to bribe Frog for his eyes because Frog is sick. Snake realises that Frog eyes are too big for him and lets Frog take them back. Snake then tries to bribe Chameleon for his eyes with flies.


Chameleon eyes are too colourful for Snake, so Snake lets Chameleon take them back. Snake runs into a Centipede. The Centipede is stuck and cannot crawl out. Snake offers to trade his eyes for Snake’s legs.


The centipede accepts, so Snake gives him his legs. The Centipede runs around all happy and gives Snake his eyes. Snake goes happily to the festival of colours.


And that’s why Snakes have no legs!

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