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Task description: This week during I had free time, so I got to chooses what I wanted to do, I decided to do make a quiz out of Maths questions. After that I completed the task, and I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

4 thoughts on “Maths Quiz

  1. Kia ora Zaria,
    This math quiz is awesome! I’ve never seen something like this before and I am impressed. I’d love to create one myself. I’m glad you enjoyed this task. Was there any part of this task that you found challenging?
    I can’t wait to use this with my whānau and test their math knowledge!
    Keep up the great work!
    Ngā mihi

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for your amazing comment! And I think you would enjoy creating one because it’s lots of fun to learn how to made it in the process, if you ever do make one, I would love to try it!

      To answer you question, I didn’t find anything challenging because when I was younger I loved doing things like this so I uses to make a lot of them so I got uses to it!

      Kindest Regards
      Love: Zaria

      1. Hi Zaria,
        I definitely would enjoy making one!
        It actually reminds me of “pick a path writing”. Have you every done one of those? It’s the same concept where you click a different option that takes you to a different slide, expect instead of maths, its a story with different outcomes! If you haven’t tried, I would recommend giving it a go just for fun!

        That’s great that you have been making these since you were younger, awesome to hear!

        Theresa 🙂

        1. Hi Theresa,

          To answer you question, I have tried pick a path writing, and I had so much fun. It’s so interesting seeing how the story ended and how it could of ended.

          Kindest Regards
          Love: Zaria

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