My Life

I returned from England in 1999 to live with my father in co Longford. Soon I applied for jobs and I obtained a temporary post as substitute teacher in a local technical school . I taught religion for six months. I did not know what except as I had no teacher training. The students were less disciplined than when I was at school I remember I was in middle of lesson started throwing paper sheets at another student I told him to stop, he continued I told to leave the class he refused I had bring principle in and he removed him and had to apologise to me and other student, but overall the student were well behaved, as the job was temporary.


I applied for a healthcare assistant post at a local nursing home. It involved physical and psychological care of patients. During this my father got a mini Stroke and had to be hospitalised. I did like living on my own so isolated so I rented an apartment in town. One day I met schools friend in town named grace we chatted and she said she was engaged to man she met through Ireland’s own so I decided to put advertisement in Ireland’s own seeking a boyfriend then met Noel we got in so we’ll from minute we met he used come at weekends to see me we enjoy weekends going pubs to listen to music and during day visit nearby towns I met his family firstly on sad occasion when his mother died they were so welcoming and his little nieces and nephew were lovely.


After going out eight months Noel proposed and gladly accepted. We got married in a registry office in Laois, his sister and husband Pat were witnesses and had a great day wedding in a local hotel. We went honeymoon to mayo it was lovely scenery we returned to our new house in Offaly now I was working in probation service as probation officer the work was very stressful I remained in my job for two years then line said I was not performing my job adequately so I decided to resign I found hard being at home new area did not know anyone tried for jobs but no success I used to go on bus to Daingean post office to claim my unemployment benefit I began talking to myself on bus people used look at me .


I began walking road a lot during day talking myself sometime shouting I hate Daingean the gardai came sectioned me and brought to portlaoise hospital I spent six weeks there I did occupational therapy and talked to psychiatrist he said I was schizophrenic but it had symptoms given medication which caused me being unable to to walk I was very frightened of this occurrence of then they changed medication and I was discharged things were still stressful still feeling effects of my job in probation service I started talking to myself and walking on road and shouting at traffic one ran in front of car causing to swerve towards ditch the mental authorities. Gardai sectioned and brought me to portlaoise in hospital and spent ten weeks there talking to myself.


They said schizophrenic from my behaviour i disputed this is an just in stressed out talking to yourself does not mean you hear voices that what schizophrenic means discharged with medication after medication for a few weeks I began to feel my heart racing and I could not sleep in so doctor prescribed further medication my husband and I decided to stop all of medication and go for counselling met a wonderful counsellor called Bernadine she said I stressed out from all the changes in life I am have been fine since doing Further to education courses in business and law in met three of new friends Deirdre my Mary and Joan through those courses still friends meet up weekly now I enjoy volunteering with age action alone and tourist office almost forgot to mention loss my dad he was wonderful man we some cats they are so friendly to lost our two years ago still miss and lost Five cat whom also miss that’s life.

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