I saw you at the station, you look beautiful today

So full of elation, laughing all the way

I followed you on the bus to see where you would go

I don’t like to make a fuss but I still need to know

you have never met me though that will happen too

You will then soon see just what I am to you


My hearts been in recession, dwindling slowly away

But you are my obsession It’s growing again each day

Soon I will come to you and hope that you’ll be mine

And maybe you will love me too and all will work out fine

I know now where you live and I will visit you one night

To show you how to give me the love that’s mine by right


I saw you down by the shore walking with another guy

I’ve not seen him before, I watched you kiss goodbye

You left, I followed him down, some things must be fought for

I knocked him to the ground and held his head under the water

They’ll find his body on the tide, just another drowned

Assumed to be suicide drifted to where it’s found


I know it won’t be easy I have been here before

The drugs make you queasy and the bindings won’t reassure

My last love struggled against me, she shouted and she fought

It saddened me so greatly but a lesson must be taught

I put my hands around her neck until she fell to the floor

But when I went down to check well she breathed no more.


I saw you with the police today, I saw you break and cry

How I long to kiss away that tear in your eye

Maybe tonight I’ll hold you, hold you close for ever

But I need to be careful too the police can be clever

They might want to check to ensure your not involved

I don’t want to risk my neck until you are absolved


I need to.hide, to go away

Just for a week or two

But I’ll be back and back to stay

I’m coming back…for you


The search:


The detective put down the statement and looked at the clock on the wall

It had only been four hours, since they had taken the call

They had a witness who claimed to have witnessed the fight

And a girl who was seen with him just before his last night

She said he was like a brother, best friends since they were small

That she could never have another friend so good, and that said it all


She’d been asked if anything odd had happened quite recently

Anyone acting strangely In her vicinity

Well she had replied, I don’t want to make a fuss

There was one person who kept staring at me on the bus

She described him very well, as did the witness to the fight

It seems they could be the same, if the descriptions are right


They put out the descriptions and a photo fit

Got the usual wasting calls and then they got a hit

Then they got another, they kept on coming in

Many named the same man, mayhap its a win?

They had an address and a name, just needed now some luck

Within an hour the detectives team were at his home for a look


No one was home, no one seemed to be in

Nothing in the area that would incriminate him

They didn’t have enough to break in the shack

So they were resigned to having to call back

Then someone noticed a grid in the ground

Hidden in a corner of the compound

When they lifted it they were hit by the smell

Coming from what seemed to be an old dry well


The bodies were lifted out, body bags one by one

Some had been there a while others not so long

The latest had been strangled, the others well, they may

The state of the remains made it really hard to say

All five were young women, probably around eighteen of age

Though in some cases that was difficult to gauge

They searched the shack and the land around

Fingertip searches across the ground


The police pulled out all possible supports

The detective put a watch on all the ports

The killers name was Edwin Dee

He didn’t seem to have any family

Friends too were in short supply

Only a few knew him well enough to say hi

And most of them would happily avoid him if they can

He was described as abrupt, rude and threatening man


But the police were not talking about who, why or how

It was Where he was was the important thing now

They had searched every corner and turned every stone

Had posted policeman outside his home

But despite the policeman doing all that they could

Nobody noticed the eyes watching from the wood.





He watched in anger as the police moved around his land

How they had found him, he didn’t understand

He’d been so careful, but not, it seems, quite careful enough

And now they were in his house going through his stuff

He would have to move on, but here his ties were strong

All the beautiful women in the end had done him wrong

He thought about his new love, what would she have to say

Another bride to take away and on her wedding day


She sat outside looking at the moon,

Wondering if life was still worth living

If the pain of loss would leave her soon

Or be forever giving

She missed her friend, so simply said

But the emotions heaving deep inside

The man she now realised that she loved was dead

And something inside her had died


He swore as branches scratched his face

Cursing as he tried to retrace

His way back out of the wood

Nobody knew him, nobody understood

Nobody knew that all he wanted was to be needed

But in that he’d never succeeded

His life was all about rejection

A rare moment of introspection


She passed the kitchen knife from hand to hand

Ran her finger along the edge to the top

She knew no one would understand

But she knew that he would not stop

She had felt the obsession in the air

When she had caught him on the bus, staring

She knew he was somewhere, somewhere out there

She knew he was coming, unstoppable, uncaring


The detective awoke, his head in a whirl

The Girl he thought, we forgot about the Girl

He struggled up and reached for his phone

Need to get someone to watch her home


He parked the stolen car in front of her house

It’s time he thought, to collect my new spouse

He Picked up the bag ready on the seat

Time to Sweep her off her feet


She heard a car stop somewhere close on the street

Knew that this game was reaching a conclusion

Clutching the knife she got to her feet

Her head finally clear of confusion


He quietly walked around the back

Looking for a window, open just a crack,

Wanting to get in without too much commotion

Time to show her his devotion


She stood in the shadow watched and waited

For an opportunity to get close enough

Reminded herself it was a monster that he’d created

All would be over soon enough


He found a window that didn’t quite fit

Allowing him to open it

He stuck his head in to check all clear

So didn’t hear her coming near


The police sirens filled the night

Blue lights flashing cold and bright


A drop of blood on a silver blade

Her life forever nightmares of vengeance repaid


He lay face up on the cold ground

Eyes staring at the stars

He heard her sobs from all around

The slamming doors of cars

Even as his vision fading

Even as her scent pervading

Even then and for eternity


His obsession died and became his legacy

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  1. This is so..Pretty.

    Its so like Majestic and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!

    You should become a author/Writer.



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