The Red Flame

My breathing stopped, and I was all alone, as though I was a crow’s wing drumming in my subconscious. My sense of calm faded. I was lonesome in my vivid state, unsure of what to do next.

As I close my eyes, I see an ice fortress in front of me, with a red candle gleaming from an abandoned dark window on the right side.


The walls of the empty room were glowing crimson red like blood flooded the air as if flames were slithering like snake tongues in the darkness. Moving in strange motions, it moved slowly and rigidly, as if arms were swimming on the walls.

Roses scented the room, but the type of rose that is usually associated with funerals. It smelled like embalming that is used on dead people, which is sweet, not bitter, therefore, it was peaceful, like a body resting in eternal torment or bliss.

Suddenly everything around the walls began blasting like a sheet of glass. Clucks, claps, and cries echoed as bodies of dead hares appeared on the walls. Their heads sat on spiky-glass-skinned demon shadow bodies. I was faced with a menacing smile of pure terror as they looked at me.

Whether they were called mastodons or goliaths, these giants were enormous and hideous. Under their head, there was a muddled formation of human infant faces weeping beneath the foreheads of rabbits. Each of these signs was horrifying to see. They had no hands, arms, legs, or feet like a person or an animal, but instead looked like surgical syringes; they hopped up and down on all fours like horses.

A room like this has never existed to me. I have never wished to dream another dream that would remind me of this. But I don’t know if I’m still alive, because I cannot wake back up into my normal existence. I can hear a mumbling voice screaming and crying in the solid dark, as the failed voice announces, “He’s dead!’

As I began to go into my own Heaven, I was in eternal sleep, the memories illuminating the graveyard’s doors with the sound of sighs, more wet than dry. The red in the sky was peaceful, as the vault of my chest opened, as I died into the halls of Paradise Lost.

There’s something real, honest-to-goodness about this place. It feels truly existing, as the mammoths approach. I can almost hear the crisp of the leaves withering in the winds. In the end, I’m sure, the doves will bring me home since I’m buried deep under a multitude of syringes…I am finally home in my ghost-haunted Dream, the one I will never leave…Now I am ready to inhale the final exhale.

It looks like the sky of red is no longer my body. If it is heaven, then I am now awake and not dreaming anymore. If it was hell, then I feel at peace now that I have been freed. I have been freed from my torments and all of the bunnies, souls that my past has haunted me with…Death was never the answer for me. Even with this newfound freedom of my past, I was haunted by it once more. I do not want to rest. Looking into the red sky, I will be haunted forever. Seeing everything…knowing everything…never having any sense of peace as I thought I did.

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