The Doppelganger

Task description: Hey viewer, welcome or welcome back to my glog, today I’m going to be sharing part of a story called “The Doppelganger”. I thought the story was beyond belief, it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious story. And I hope you like it too, and I wish to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog. <3

Susan and Teddy had been married for over Sixteen years. She knew Teddy was unhappy with their marriage. But she held onto hope that they could work out their differences.

Teddy had told Susan on Friday Night that he wanted to go to the all day Flea Market. If she wanted to go they would have to leave before the Sun was up. This all day Flea Market was a two-hour drive, opening at 8am and closing at 6pm. He let her know that he was going to be there all day long. Susan and her youngest Bobby 10 chose to stay home; her older Children Steve 12 and Betsy 14 chose to go. They knew this flea market had lots of cool toys and video games for less than half of what was offered in stores or on-line.

Teddy and the older children left. They all said their goodbyes and left through the Garage. In only a few minutes the Electricity went out. The house was pitch black. Even though Susan was a grown woman she was afraid of the dark. She had been this way since she was a little girl. Her older brother had tortured her with scary Ghost Stories about being alone in an old abandoned House.

Susan could swear she heard her bedroom door open. In walked her Husband he gave a sweet smile and nonchalantly walked to the Garage. Susan held her breath and thought, “This has to be a dream, that’s it I’m not really awake.” But she heard Bobby scream, he said. “Mom, Dad already left, how could he be here again?”

Susan hadn’t noticed Bobby come into the Living Room; she assumed he was still asleep since it was so early. She tried not to sound hysterical. She assured Bobby, “Daddy must have forgotten something and came back.” Bobby disagreed, “No Mom I saw Daddy’s truck pull out and it didn’t come back. If Daddy had come back I would have heard the garage door open.”

Susan’s heart sank, how could this be. Susan grabbed her old antique heavy metal flashlight and told Bobby, “I’ll look around in the Garage, there has to be a rational explanation.” Bobby grabbed the other less heavy flashlight and said, “I’m going with you, I don’t want to be by myself.”

They walked into the Garage it was dark and musty. Susan had pestered Teddy to clean out the old storage boxes and get rid of all the junk they no longer wanted. But Teddy always had an excuse, “I have to work, I’ve got a Boys Night out planned, I’m just too tired. She knew she should have done it herself, but she had a back injury from an Automobile accident and was hesitant to put too much strain on it.
She and Bobby carefully made their way around the two-half car garage. Except for a couple of Spider-Webs they found nothing. They thought they heard faint whistling but Susan told herself and Bobby it was the wind.

Susan said, “Nothing here, we just have overactive imaginations.” Bobby shook his head, “No Mom I saw Dad, how can that be?” Susan said, “Well let’s go into the Living Room. If we can’t figure out anything better, then you and I will drive to the Flea Market and spend the day with your Dad, Brother and Sister.”

Bobby nodded his head in agreement. They went back into the Living Room. The small faint light of Sunrise made a sprinkling of light into this room. Susan sighed a breath of relief, “Well at least we can open up the Curtains and Shades and the house won’t look so gloomy. As she sat about doing this she heard the whistling that she attributed to the wind, only is was getting louder. She looked toward the Dining Room. The Evil Doppelganger of Teddy once again made his appearance. He said, “Hi Honey I’m home.” Susan was frozen in place. This couldn’t be happening this had to be some sick joke. Bobby too was frozen but he was able to blurt out. “You aren’t my Dad, my Dad left!”

The Doppelganger smiled, “Oh Bobby maybe not but I will be. You’ll learn to love me. I already love Your Mom, You and Steve and Betsy. Susan had gained control of herself; she grabbed Bobby’s hand and made a dash for the front door. But it would not open, the door wasn’t locked but she could not force it open.

The Doppelganger laughed, “Susan do you think it’s that easy to get away from me? I told you I love you and we will be together forever.” Susan screamed, “Not if I kill myself, than I’ll be dead and you can’t have me.” An evil smile came over the Doppelganger’s face. “But if you hurt yourself I’ll kill your Children, and I’ll make sure they go to Hell not Heaven. Do you want to risk their souls?”

Susan felt defeated. Her shoulders dropped. She asked, “But what will happen to Teddy? He’s not just going to give up. He’ll fight for the kids and me.” Once again the evil smile crossed his lips he said, “That’s the beauty of this. Teddy will forget all about you. He will find Happiness with another.”
The Doppelganger grabbed Susan’s right hand so hard she felt like it was going to break. He said, “We have a visit to make, come with me.” Susan fought against him; she didn’t want to leave Bobby by himself. He turned to Bobby and said, “You wait right here and be a good little boy. Your Mom and I will be right back.”


Bobby tried to lunge at the Doppelganger but the next he knew he was sitting on the couch. The Doppelganger warned, “Now you wouldn’t want me to hurt your sweet Mom would you?”
The Doppelganger and Susan left by the front door. She heard the locks closing. She tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. The Doppelganger whispered into her ear. “Now you wouldn’t want me to hurt sweet Bobby would you?”

They crossed the road and went to the House three doors down. Susan asked, “Why are we at Victoria’s House?” The Doppelganger put his finger to his mouth. He motioned for her to stand behind him. “Oh this is going to be so much fun.” He rang the doorbell and the beautiful Victoria answered. She licked her luscious lips and said, “Teddy I thought you said you were going to be gone all day, what a delicious surprise.”

The Doppelganger pulled Susan into view and Vicky’s Eyes became hard. Susan could feel the hate coming from them. She swore she could feel arrows darting out of them at her. The Doppelganger said, “Oh Vicky Susan and I have fallen in love all over again, we are going to renew our vows before God and Everyone.” Susan gave a small shake to her head; she hoped Vicky would pick up on her desperation. But Vicky’s hate was too strong. She slammed the door hard in their faces.

The Doppelganger pulled Susan back to her house. Even though the doors were locked the Doppelganger opened them with little ease. He said, “Now we will just wait till good old Hubby gets back.

At this point they were standing in the middle of the Living Room. A thought was crossing Susan’s mind. In her Safe in her Bedroom was a talisman. It had been handed down from her Mother, her Grandmother, Her Grandmother’s Mother, for over 200 years. It was supposed to ward off evil. But Vicky had put this away thinking it was just a fanciful story handed down by crazy Women.

She looked at Bobby and then at the key holder hoping he would pick up on what she silently communicated. He did, he gave a slight nod to acknowledge he understood.

Susan had to distract the Doppelganger. She said, “Since we’re going to be married we surely will have to dance at the Wedding, want to practise?” The Doppelganger laughed, “Susan you know you can’t dance.” Susan shyly smiled, “But you could teach me.” This got to his vanity; he grabbed her, not too hard.


They started dancing, in the air, Susan laughed, “Oh how fun, I’ve never felt so light on my feet.”
Bobby got into the Bedroom and found the safe. He opened it with the key and pulled out its contents. There was an old letter that looked at least a Hundred years old. It said ‘Use the Talisman as protection against Evil.’

Bobby snuck back into the Living Room and slipped the Talisman into his Mother’s hand. She grasped it and shoved it against what would be the Doppelganger’s heart. He screamed in agony and fell to the floor. Susan fell with him. She was hurt, but she fought against the pain. She held the Talisman hard to his chest. She tried to calm herself. She told Bobby, “Go in My closet and get that old ratty sheet you and your Brother and Sister hate because it smells so bad.”

Bobby did as instructed, touching this smelly old Sheet made him gag. But he got it and brought it to his Mom. Susan ripped the sheet into shreds with just her left hand. She slowly enveloped the Doppelganger in this. It was almost like she was turning him into a Mummy or even a Spider wrapping up its victim for later consumption.

When she completed the task she heard the Garage Door opening. She wondered if Teddy and the kids had called an early day to their trip.

The Kids were talking excitedly about their many treasures they had acquired. Susan looked at the clock realising it was already 6:30 in the evening. She must have lost track of time.

When Teddy saw Susan, she looked like she had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. He said, “What the Hell is going on around here?” Susan told him of the Horrors and Trauma she and Bobby had suffered.
Teddy gave her a disgusted look. Susan said, “Here let me show you.’ She slowly and carefully unwrapped the Mummy-like creature she had captured, except there was nothing there.

Teddy hit the roof. “Susan I know you are crazy but now you’re dragging our Son into this!” I am packing and the kids and I are leaving this Looney Bin”

Susan said calmly, “Maybe you could move in with Vicky.” Teddy stopped dead in his tracks; his eyes widened, he stuttered, “Vicky? But, how?”……….

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