Creating the Treaty

Task description: This week during Inquiry, we are learning describe the factors that lead to the signing of the treaty. We were also learning about identify the ‘key players’ that created, translated and signed the treaty, and to describe the events leading up to the treaty signing. After that I completed the task, and I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

2 thoughts on “Creating the Treaty

  1. Kia ora Zaria,

    Wow you have certainly given very detailed answers for this task! What would you like to learn about the treaty next?

    1. Kia ors Ms Stone,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! And I think I would like to learn why the english verison of the Treaty had three things in it that was different from the Maori one.

      Also did you know the Treaty of Waitangi is a document that has three articles, containing broad statements and principles on which the British and Maori people judge a political pact to find and build a nation-state and government in New Zealand. But the English version contained three articles with these establishments.

      1. Maoris give control of their domination of New Zealand to Britain.
      2. Maoris give the British Crown undivided rights to buy lands they are willing to sell, in return, the Maori obtain full ownership of their lands, forests, fisheries and other possessions.
      3. The Maori and the British Subjects gain equal rights.

      Kindest Regards
      Love: Zaria <3

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