Day: March 25, 2023

For My Passionate Lily – By: Zaria Khan

For My Passionate Lily

A Poem By: Zaria Khan


Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Energy is passionate, 

And so are you. 


Orchids are white, 

Ghost ones are rare, 

Bread is brown, 

And so is your hair. 


Magnolia grows, 

With buds like eggs, 

Columns are slender, 

And so are your legs. 


Sunflowers reach, 

Up to the skies, 

Bread is brown, 

And so are your eyes. 


Foxgloves in hedges, 

Surround the farms, 

The jerkin is buff, 

And so are your arms.


Daisies are pretty, 

Daffies have style, 

A manner is friendly, 

And so is your smile. 


A lily is beautiful, 

Just like you.

The Smelly And Gross Farts – By: Zaria Khan

The Smelly And Gross Farts

A Poem By: Zaria Khan


Whose Farts is that? I think I know. 

Its owner is quite angry though. 

She was cross like a dark potato. 

I watch her pace. I cry hello. 


She gives her Farts a shake, 

And screams I’ve made a bad mistake. 

The only other sound’s the break, 

Of distant waves and birds awake. 


The Farts is Smelly, Gross and deep, 

But she has promises to keep, 

Tormented with nightmares she never sleeps. 

Revenge is a promise a girl should keep. 


She rises from her cursed bed, 

With thoughts of violence in her head, 

A flash of rage and she sees red. 

Without a pause I turned and fled.

Why candy shouldn’t be sold in schools?

Why candy shouldn’t be sold in schools?


Hi my name is Zaria, and today I’m going to talk about why candy shouldn’t be sold in schools to students. I think schools shouldn’t sell candy in school and that is being said by a 12 year old child who loves candy. I think this because there are times and places where you can eat candy but I don’t think school is one of them. So here are my reasons why I think schools shouldn’t sell candy. I hope people read this writing piece and agree with me because after all my research this is what I found.


Did you know that the average child under 12 consumes 49 pounds of sugar annually? That is way too much for a kid. In fact, some schools are making money by selling candy to their students. I think this should be stopped. Buying and eating candy isn’t good for you, and it also makes a part of the brain release a hormone that makes it difficult to pay attention. This essay will prove to you that selling candy at school should be banned.


Candy is okay to have every once in a while, but if kids buy and eat the sweet treats every day, it isn’t good for them. Candy usually has a lot of sugar in it, and even though everybody needs sugar, too much of it isn’t good for your body. This is because it converts the excess sugar to fat, which is a big factor in obesity. Sugar can also cause hyperactivity in children, that’s where the term “‘sugar rush” comes from. Although sugar gives you a big energy boost, it doesn’t last for a long time, which makes you get super worn out and tired. Candy is also super tempting as children who see it in vending machines will most likely buy it over a healthy granola bar.


Another reason is candy can make bad things happen to your body, but it can also make bad things happen to your academic performance. When kids consume a lot of sugar, a part of their brain releases a hormone called cortisol. Studies show that cortisol makes it difficult to pay attention in class, difficult to sit still, and it makes it hard for children to remember the lessons they have been taught. It also fills their body with empty calories, which leads them to eating more unhealthy foods. Students who don’t eat a lot of healthy foods is a big factor in bad school performance as it lowers your cognitive function.


Most schools think it is okay to sell candy at school and put up vending machines full of candy, soda, chips and less healthy things. This clearly isn’t good for children, as soda contains a lot of corn syrup, while chips contain a lot of cholesterol and fat. It’s OK to have those foods, but if you have them every day, then it will be bad for your brain and your body. Schools should put more healthy foods and drinks into their vending machines, such as milk, granola bars, fig newtons, peanuts and sunflower seeds to name a few.


In conclusion, schools shouldn’t sell candy to the students. It can decrease academic performance a lot, it can cause hyperactivity, and it can do bad things to them. Instead, they should sell foods that are good for the brain, like fruits and vegetables. I hope you enjoyed reading about why candy shouldn’t be sold in schools, some people still might think you should and that’s okay, but for me I don’t think it’s a good idea, and that’s coming from someone who loves lollies like most of the other 12 year olds out there.

Identifying Theme

Task description: This week during Reading, we are learning to identify themes within a text. We had to give examples of a variety of themes, and know the difference between theme and topic. After that I completed the task, and I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.