For My Passionate Lily – By: Zaria Khan

For My Passionate Lily

A Poem By: Zaria Khan


Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Energy is passionate, 

And so are you. 


Orchids are white, 

Ghost ones are rare, 

Bread is brown, 

And so is your hair. 


Magnolia grows, 

With buds like eggs, 

Columns are slender, 

And so are your legs. 


Sunflowers reach, 

Up to the skies, 

Bread is brown, 

And so are your eyes. 


Foxgloves in hedges, 

Surround the farms, 

The jerkin is buff, 

And so are your arms.


Daisies are pretty, 

Daffies have style, 

A manner is friendly, 

And so is your smile. 


A lily is beautiful, 

Just like you.

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