Task description: Hi my name is Zaria, and this term me and some of my friends went to KPMG with Miss Burton. It was amazing, especially the food! KPMG is one of the four largest audit and accounting firms in the world along with Deloitte, EY and PwC. These firms are known collectively as the Big Four and reported a combined worldwide revenue of over 157 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. We learned about healthly eating and did some work sheets on it. But this trip to KPMG was a little different cause this time they had worked toegther with “Synergy Health”. They also sent us pedometers to see how much we walk in a day and I would love to thank them for that. Synergy Health help organisations improve the lives of people. They see that every organisation, person and business is unique and special in there own way and want to allow people to live well in a way that’s right for them. Which they do by using there latest in delivery platform tech. Fun fact: Did you know that they partner with organisations to provide customisable wellbeing programs that support healthy employee behaviour change that’s relevant to the organisation and its people, and through education and informed, credible content, they deliver experiences that help people form healthy habits, empowering people to be their best, at work and in life. After that I completed the task, I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.


Many of the world’s most important organisations are served by KPMG which provides audit, tax and consultancy services. KPMG is one of the most prominent professional services firms in the world. The multinational professional services network and one of the Big Four accounting firms, together with Ernst & YoungEY, Deloitte and PwC, is KPMG International Limitedor simply KPMG. Did you know that KPMG stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler.


For the benefit of all New Zealanders, they do what matters at the heart of the values and culture of KPMG, and their purpose is to support the prosperity of New Zealand. They promote and support the efforts by their people to give back in their communities, of which volunteering, fundraising and leadership are a part, along with an important proportion of pro bono work that makes a positive impact on various nonprofit organisations and charities.


There National Community Team is composed of members from each of our 7 offices in Aotearoa New Zealand and serves to prioritise priorities for the Strategic Communities. Each of the offices links up with local organisations that matter to our people in this region. To find out more about their activities in the area of Community and Green Team, as well as see how they have inspired community partners, please follow these updates on Citizenship.


The KPMG workers had been nice enough to offer our school a trip to the KPMG building. We spent a whole day with them and got a tour of the building and each of the levels of the block. As we learnt about matter and the three states of matter, we did different science experiments, such as growing crystals and making slime to show chemical changes and physical changes.


We learnt how there are three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas. Which have different properties, thus can be explained by looking at the arrangement of their particles. This is the theoretical temperature at which particles have the least amount of energy and the slowest movement.


They had even worked hard to put together morning tea and lunch for us and we appreciated that very much. We loved our time there and hope to go back there soon and learn a bunch of new things with the amazing KPMG crew. The KPMG members got to volunteer to spend the day with us and so many of them did.

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  1. Hi Zaria,

    It’s Mary. Nice blog post you have here. It’s nice to see that you had fun at KPMG. How was it and what was your favourite part of the trip? My favourite part of the trip was the create task , hanging out with friends and probably the food too. Keep this up!

    Love, Mary x

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