Transum Level 1-4 Questions

Task description: This week during Maths, we are learning to recognise that to find the value of the missing number, you have to ‘undo’ what has been done to it. We had to find the value of one variable; two steps to vole; may involve decimals and integers. My highlight was finishing the task really fast because it was really easy. My lowlight is answering the questions because it was boring but I finished them. I don’t have anything to work on this week, but anyways I enjoyed doing maths today. And if I’m being honest it was the easiest work I’ve had so far this term. My group was only supposed to do level 3 and 4 but I finished early so I did level 1, 2, 3 and 4. I wanna try doing level 5 next time we have maths. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

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