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Task description: This week during Writing, our task was to write a positive, helpful and thoughtful comment on 5 peoples blogs in our literacy class. For me, looking at all my friends’ posts was fun and seeing how they were going with their learning, but what I loved even more was writing them a comment. And my reasoning for this is I feel like when someone shows their appreciation and interest towards your work it makes you feel good inside and happy that people care about your learning and how you’re doing. It also motivates you to do better and try your best next time, and I feel like this because personally when someone compliments me or leaves me a positive comment I feel like I did well and that I should be proud of myself.

For my 5 people to comment on, I chose to do 5 of my friends. These peoples names being, Tumanako, Mary, Swaimah, Rylan and Elijah. Not gonna lie this task was really fun and I really hope we do more like this soon because we don’t usually comment on each other’s blogs so it’s nice to spread a bit of kindness once in a while. One thing I found hard was choosing whose blogs I wanted to comment on because most of my friends are in my class so that was probably my only lowlight for this task but the rest was really fun and interesting. Something I loved was how each person I picked had something different on their blogs and they had a good task description telling us what they did and how they found it.

My highlight was finishing the task really fast because it was really easy. My lowlight was probably trying to think of who’s blogs to choose to comment on and what task to comment on as they were all really good. Something I’ll work on next time is trying to add more details to the comments and to give them some feedback/ideas, but I found that a bit hard this time because all the tasks were so good and didn’t have anything to work on. But besides all of that I don’t have anything I want to work on this week for writing, but anyways I enjoyed doing literacy a lot today, and if I’m being honest it was the easiest work I’ve had so far this term. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you! Bye~

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