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How My Life Has Changed In Lockdown?

Today our teacher asked us to write a story about what our life is like and how it has changed in Lockdown? So I decided to write about how my life has changed in Lockdown because a lot of things have happened during Lockdown, my older sister turned 17 years old and I haven’t seen my friend in such a long time, and we missed our family reunion (every year my whole family get together and spends the whole of December and January together).

Anyways, first I’m going to talk about how my life is like in Lockdown, and if I’m being honest, I like being in Lockdown but the only downside is that I can’t see my friends and family, but beside that it’s great because I can watch tv, play video games, etcetera, etcetera. Wait, how could I forget the most important thing? I can sleep as long as I want, FINALLY!

Now let’s talk about my older sister’s Lockdown birthday, it started like any other but it ended differently, because usually we would go to dinner after cutting the cake and giving all the presents, but since it’s Lockdown we couldn’t go to dinner, so instant my mum just made my sister’s favourite dish at home, which is was sausage rolls. And I just want to take this time to give a giant shout out to my mum’s amazing cooking, so thanks for your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cooking skills, mum.

And of course we can’t forget this topic, I can’t hang out with friends. Yeah, I guess it is for our own safety that we can’t hang-out together, but I wish there was a way that we could. And the reason I like being with my friend is because I can be myself, we can laugh at each other jokes, can play games together, but when you’re with your parents it different, because everyone knows that you can’t act like what you act like with your friend in front of your parents, because you’re supposed to respect your parents because they are the amazing people who raised you.

Another reason how my life has changed in Lockdown is because, I have spent more time with my family, because in a average year my family don’t spent a lot of time together because when my mum goes to work my dad come home, and when my mum come home, my dad go to work, so my parent don’t spent a lot of time with me and my sisters, but I know that my parent are doing it for us, and to assure them that me and my sister can have an epic life, growing up and a good future.

So by now you should have finished read my story, so these are all the reasons why lockdown has changed my life, and if I can have one wish for Christmas it’s going to be, to get out of Lockdown because I want to spend the rest of the year, next year with my family and friends, because we had a plan to go visit my baby niece in Fiji, who I haven’t met yet, but our plans were changed because of lockdown, so instead I sent them all a postcard and presents.

I love you and I wish to see soon, and I just wanted to say this “I’m starting to realize how lucky I was back when we got to see each other every day.” – I hope to see you soon, and I love you from your favourite niece, cousin, or aunty, Zaria. ;P – Kindest Regards.

Stay home to stay safe, viewers, BBYYEEEEEEE! ;P

What I Think About Land Pollution

About land pollution?

Land pollution refers to the failure of the earth’s land surfaces, at and below ground level. The cause is the increase of firm and liquid waste materials that  infect the groundwater and soil. Some of the things that can increase firm and liquid waste materials are called storage tanks, containing gasoline, oil, chemicals, or other types of liquids and they can either be above or below ground. By making use of the natural shale and clay in the land, the risk of land pollution has been significantly decreased.

What I think about land pollution?

 I think that people should stop pollution, because it is affecting our environment and because over 700 species of marine animals have been reported to have eaten or been entangled in plastic. Did you know that scientists think that the enormous amount of plastic in the ocean could be triple by 2050?  This means very seriously bad news for the ocean and the creatures that live in it.

How do I really feel about plastic?

I think that people won’t be able to live without plastic, but sometimes people put plastic on things that don’t need it, for example factories put plastic around jelly containers but we do not need it because jelly already comes in a sealed container and why do people use plastic bags when you could use a reusable bag (tote bag) and save the planet instead. So my point is try to use the least amount of plastic possible, whenever you can.

How is plastic good and bad at the same time?

Everyone knows  that not all plastic is bad, because some plastic things can save people’s lives, for example, bike helmets, car airbags, and many medical supplies. Plastic water bottles can bring clean drinking water to the people who don’t have it and are to the people it’s unavailable to, and plastic straws can help people with a disability to drink.


My sources Pollution

The Time Machine (Remake)

Time machines always sound like fun, till you actually use one! I just transported back through time to the 90s! My iPhone phone doesn’t work, I can’t find Wifi anywhere, and worst of all you should see the TV’s here. Let me explain what happened…

I was working on my incredible flying ship. I have been waiting so long for this dream to come true. But suddenly the engine stopped working and it seemed like my plan was going down hill. I decided I would start it all again and try to find out the problem.

Some people like to call me the witchy wicked scientist. For some unknown reason they don’t know that my name is actually Jake. I had to get back to work to finish my amazing flying ship. No other human being has laid eyes on this invention, before.

As he was working on his beautiful flying ship he remembered that he had a radio lying somewhere. So he went through his old junk. He found a old flat tire, some chains and some sticky glue. There was no sign of the radio, maybe he had left it in his spare parts bin.

Jake went out to find his radio. Then a strange hood person walks into the Garage. Then the mystery person plays with the wires, the mystery person plugs the Blue cord into the red socket and gets and plugs the red cord into the Blue socket.

Jake comes back with his old radio he puts it in and gets ready for takeoff. Jake decided that he would want to go back to 2010. Suddenly as he pushed the button his ship went crazy and took him back in time to the 90s.

Jake quickly got out and went to the newspaper stand as quickly as he could. He read the years on the newspaper and it said 1990 he went crazy. Jake went and brought some clothes to blend in. He looked around and saw fewer and older cars, most teens were riding around on bikes.

He then tries to take a look at the ship. But it was very hot, it had just flown through time. 30 years to be exact. Jake decided to hide the ship in a Shady area.

By then it was the afternoon so Jake decided to try and fix the ship so he could go back home. There was a storm coming in and they needed a giant amount of power source to get the ship working. Jake decided to use the storm to power the ship and get back home safely. Until then he was going to have to make do in the 90s.

The 90’s was a lot more different and life was definitely better 30 years from now. The fashion here was decent, but definitely not the same shirt pants and lab coat this scientist was used to. The food was simple and there were a lot more diners, everybody loved their milkshakes. But Jake was going to have to make do with what he had.

The next day that very same afternoon the storm hit as hard.. He quickly got his amazing inventions and took it out by the lightning and thunder he was soaking in water. But he stood strong and waited for the Lightning to hit.

When It hit it landed right at the antenna that he had to attach on his ship. The exact time as it had hit he ran to the door, opened it and got inside and pressed the button back to 2020. With his fingers crossed hoping that it would go to the right year.

Jake finally got home to a safe and sound year with everything that he liked. Jake was so happy to be home but he still hasn’t figured out who has been playing with his ship. Jake decided to go have a snack he was starving from his long day.

later on he looked at the security footage of the surveillance cameras in his lab. It the person that mucked up his ship was, none other than HIMSELF. But it wasn’t the exact version of himself, it was him from the FUTURE. But that’s a tale for another time!

The End

My Sea Creature Animation


Task description: Thought out this week I worked hard to create and designed a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious animation about sea creature because had already finished all my work. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.


Finish it off properly (FIOP)

Task description: During the week my literacy and math class was finishing all of their work from term 1 off properly, !FINISH IT OFF PROPERLY (FLOP)! I enjoyed this task very much because I had already finishing everything for this term, and since their are only 2 days of school left. I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog. BBYYEEE ;P

Delicious Dinner

Today we decided to eat out because it was the week end,; and my mum wasn’t feeling the best. So we got ready and then we got in the car. We went to Nandos and got 2 sizable chickens, one hot and one BBQ. It smelt delicious, my mouth was watering and it looked like it had lots of flavours and Sauce on top. When the waitress brought our food, the whole restaurant smelled like the delicious chicken.

I couldn’t wait to eat, I was so hungry and just looking at it made my stomach was starving. This made me slightly regret the fact that I wanted to stay home. It was very cold outside so I kind of wanted to stay inside the restaurant because they had a heater. Nando’s had a heater to keep the Marvellous restaurant warm from the stormy wind outside.

The waitress was very nice, she offered some different types of sauces to eat with our delicious chips. We got both the plain chip and peri-peri chip which is a bit spicy. Which one do you prefer? I had to eat the plane chips because the peri peri chips were a bit too spicy for me.

We also decided to get one wrap which was for my sister Zaeeda, she loves the wrap in Nando’s. They are one of our favourite restaurants to go to for a dinner outing. Nando’s also have great table positioning, they don’t mind if you join the tables together which is great because our family is a bit big so we need three tables for our beautiful family dinner.

Why I Think Some Video Games Are Good For You

Today I’m going to talk about why video games don’t teach bad habits. I have done a lot of research since school was open, and during the 9 week lockdown, and I’ve realised that video games actually help improve hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, and much more too. So I decided to give my opinion on why video games don’t teach bad habits, and why some video games are good for you.


In this piece of opinion writing, you will learn why some video games are good for kids and how they can help kids. In the first paragraph you will learn about how video games don’t teach children bad habits. In the second paragraph you will learn about how video games don’t damage your eyes, and in the third paragraph you will learn about how video games can help improve children’s learning.


I think that video games don’t cause bad behaviour in a child’s life, however, if kids are addicted to video games, they become very aggressive, defensive and protective about their gaming habits, but 85% of the time this never happens, because 85% of video games have violence and have violent shooting in them and as we say late on, video games that include violent shooting, can boost you children’s learning, health, and more. Meaning it’s okay to play video games, so you can stop worrying now because you can still play your favourite video games.


I also think video games don’t damage your eyes because if children play video games with a time limit, then it wouldn’t damage or hurt their eyes, because if you don’t play video games in the dark or in extreme sunlight and don’t play video games for too many hours daily, then you won’t damage or hurt your eyes in any way.


Most video games are good for you because it has been revealed that studies have shown that some video games can help improve hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, and your mind’s ability to process information really fast. And in addition to that I think video games are good for you because, according to a review of research in American Psychologist Association, playing video games that include violent shooting, can help boost your children’s learning, social benefits, health, social skills and visual skills.