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How to make a marmite and chips sandwich


2 slices of white bread

Butter or margarine


Ready salted chips

  • Spread the butter or margarine on one side of the bread slices, try to get it as evenly as possible, then put it on a plate.
  • Next lightly spread marmite over a buttered slice of bread that you just put on the plate.
  • This is an optional step so you don’t have to but I recommend you marmite the other slice of bread to your taste because that’s how you get the best end results.
  • Then add a handful of chips onto a slice of marmite/buttered bread, you can add more on the top just for that finished look.
  • Apply the remaining slice of bread on top of bread with chips and marmite.
  • Step 6, which is the hardest if I’m being honest, by the way is to see if your food tastes as good as it looks, take a bite and find out. BYEEEEEEE!

This unusual sandwich consists of sliced butter bread that is coated in Marmite spread and sandwiched together with crispy potato chips. Though the thick, yeast-based Marmite spread is originally British, it is incredibly popular throughout Australia and New Zealand. Marmite and chip sandwich is a quickly assembled treat that is usually enjoyed as a filling snack.

Hope you enjoyed cooking with me! Come back tomorrow for more amazing posts, bye for now viewers. ;P