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Home learning – Nicki Minaj

A hero is someone who creates their own path, someone who isn’t afraid to separate themselves from society. Nicki Minaj fits that description perfectly. Some people don’t view her as a hero, but to a lot of people she’s a role model and an inspiration. She revolutionised women in the hip-hop/rap music industry, so much so that critics state, “She’s one of the best rappers of all time.” Minaj is also the first solo female artist to have seven singles on Billboard’s top 100 at the same time, also she is the only female rapper to be featured on Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. She has been awarded the best Female Hip-Hop artist at the 2010 BET Awards.

Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki’s birth name, came from a hard life in Queens, New York. Her father was a drug addict and a heavy drinker, at one point he tried to kill her mother by burning the house down. Once she was old enough, she started working. She got fired from fifteen different jobs because of her standing up for what she believed in. Her last job before she was discovered at 19 was at Red Lobster. Imagine that, someone going from working at Red Lobster to going on tours with other celebrities.

It was a tough road for Minaj even when she realised she had the talent to be a star. At first she wanted to be on Broadway, but was eventually turned down, and attended a performing arts school. Then she found a passion for the music industry, particularly rap. She tried but was told ‘no’ a lot. She kept on trying though, she said at one point that she always had a female empowerment drive which led her to want to become successful so she could help her mom out. Her first record label was with the Dirty Money label. Nicki Minaj made a series of mix tapes with the label but it just didn’t work. Lil Wayne, another current rapper, heard her mixtapes and wanted to sign her. Nicki signed to Young Money Cash Money Entertainment label, which happens to be her current label.

Nicki Minaj inspires a lot of people. She carved her own path for her life, not listening to what other people were saying about her not being able to “make it big.” She went into the music industry not as a singer but as a female rapper, which is almost unheard of. She might not be a person whose actions I want to copy, but her determination and motivation is something I really admire. She pushes herself everyday to be better and to try harder. In a world where a lot of people don’t go after what they are after because they are scared, or being bullied, or people are telling them no you’ll never be able to do that, we could use more people like her.

Your definition of a hero may be different than mine but one heroic quality that I find important is leadership to pursue their dream and to just enjoy life and be happy with who they are. She is a true leader and a hero, and Nicki Minaj has proven herself to be an inspiration to all mankind. She has inspired many people. Nicki Minaj will be remembered for a long, long time.


Instructions: Write about someone who inspires you, write about how they inspire you. Is it a family member, sports star, author, actor?

Week 6 – Term 3 – Home learning – Writing – 2022


Instructions: Write 1-3 paragraphs about what college you would like to go to next year or in 2040, and talk about why.

Home learning – Selwyn college                                      

The reason I would like to and am is because Selwyn college offers short courses to educate, inspire, up-skill, entertain, and exercise. Their 200+ tutors are experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly. Most have teaching qualifications and many are experts in their fields. The language teachers are all native speakers. They schedule more than 700 courses each year.


They even offer a series of evening lectures called ‘Think Talks’ which are held approximately once every four weeks (suggested donation $5). The majority of their courses are run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but they also have a smaller number of day-time classes, and we run weekend programmes about ten times per year. We also run some children’s after-school and holiday courses.


Another reason is because my 2 older sisters, Alisha the oldest and Zaeeda the middle child, are already there. My dad also went to college there for his choice of education, and now has his own business that he runs alone. He has 4.8 stars on his reviews, and is one of the best mechanics in Auckland. His business is called “Advance Mobile Mechanic”. If you would like to learn more about my dad’s business, click on this: Link. If the link doesn’t work, you can open a new tab and copy & paste “Advance Mobile Mechanic Khan” in the search bar.

Home Learning – My Whittakers Advertisement

About Whittakers:


The Challenge:

Whittaker’s ambition is to have the world loving world-class chocolate from Porirua. This is the core value of the Whittaker’s brand. It is a beans-to-bar company, controlling the whole manufacturing process, focusing on quality and honesty. It has a character that is bold, generous, inspired and nimble.

The challenge to become a world-class chocolate company has at its heart, a desire to be the best at everything – the processes, the ingredients, the people, etc. This uncompromising approach is epitomised in the communications strategy. Whittaker’s has built a quality story in its advertising through Andrew and Brian Whittaker, Nigella and Beans- to-Bar. The marketing has strengthened this with an online presence, especially on social media where the brand has over 750,000+ loyal brand advocates who share the company’s passion for chocolate every day.

Whittaker’s aims to build long-term sustainable growth that will continue to increase the wealth of the brand, while operating in an extremely competitive market with four major multinational competitors, that have much deeper pockets and significantly more resources.


The response:

The focus on being the best and the ambition to be world-class is demonstrated through its success in investing in quality. Whittaker’s drew insights from other markets such as craft beer, coffee and candles, all of which had success premiumising their categories. The company achieved this by purchasing a Swiss 5 Roll Refiner machine; using Nigella Lawson to promote its Creamy Milk product;
the launch into the premium 100g block market with its New Zealand Artisan Collection; and its innovative collaboration products with L&P, 100s & 1000s, Jelly Tip, K Bar, Toffee Milk and Lewis Road Creamery.


The results:

Whittaker’s became a market leader in the block chocolate market for the first time in 2015. The volume of Whittaker’s Creamy Milk has increased more than five-fold and is now the number one block in New Zealand. To add to that, Whittaker’s has won New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand for the past six years (Reader’s Digest) and the Colmar Brunton’s Most Loved Brand for the past five years.

Jelly Tip was the most successful launch in the company’s 121-year history, which resulted in achieving market leadership in the block market for the first time. The brand has continued to maintain this position.

In addition, the New Zealand Artisan Collection has become market leader after just two years. Whittaker’s is now market leader in 100g with a 45.9 percent market share and a 16.2 percent price premium to Lindt. They have transformed the category by providing incremental value sales that have more than doubled since launch.

The company stresses the importance of everyone sharing the vision of being world-class in everything they do. The mantra is: “Always invest in quality, whether it is the product, the marketing, the equipment, or people. Always be bold and try something different—the results will be worth it. Always have the ambition to be the best.”

Task description: Every Monday, we have new HOME LEARNING to be completed by the following Friday. On Friday mornings we mark it in your home room with our teacher. For one of the tasks, we had to re-create a well-known brands advertisement, and if they didn’t have one then we had to create one. I chose Whittakers to do my advertisement, because it is my familys favourite chcoclate. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

Atutahi’s Unicorn

Task description: This week for home learning, we had to select a book, and write a paragraph about you’ve read and a prediction about what will happen next or a prediction about what you think it going to happen before you read it. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.