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Alice the alien – Narrative Writing

Alice the Alien

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived an alien named Alice. Alice was a kind and respectful alien. Every night when Alice goes to Terra (Earth) to visit the kids, she gets greeted by unpleasant humans.

The cause of all of this was they thought she wanted to hurt them when all she wants is to help the kids fall asleep and help them have happy dreams. Alice had never tried to hurt anybody since. Alice was a delightful alien. 

Her personality is not like the other mean aliens. Alice gets bored from sitting on the Luna and waiting for the Sun to go down. In the meantime, she dreams of magnificent and tremendous ideas of dreams for her to put in each snoring children’s head. 

Every time Alice was on the moon, she wondered what was going on with Terra, and when she came back from visiting Terra, she was still thinking about Terra. Alice said in her head, “I wish I could stay on Terra forever”.

Later that day, when Alice went to Terra (Earth), Alice returned home due to the thundering storm and lightning strike. When the humans found that Alice did not arrive, they figured it was because of the rain. 

The humans wondered why the alien had not shown itself, even if it was raining. It seemed very odd. The next day when Alice showed up, the humans went into hiding. They thought her behaviour was suspicious, so they went into hiding. 

The humans watched her meticulously in the bushes. Alice got out of the space capsule very carefully, without touching the water. They watched with the thought that she appeared to be apprehensive because she avoided the water puddles. 

The Humans watched her conscientiously climb and tumble around the dry grassy areas. After Alice finished her job down on Terra, she returned home. The humans discussed and asked each other questions, what her behaviour was? Was there any signalling that something was off? 

Some thought she had gone mad, while others had crazier ideas. Following careful consideration, they came to the conclusion that water may be Alice the alien’s weakness. They hatched an evil plan and laughed maniacally. 

The humans decided that they would capture the alien. They decided to set up a plan to trap her. The scheme was to put water around the space capsule landing space because she always lands in one specific spot. 

After they agreed on their plan, they went to their positions and waited and waited. They all were excited about their scheme to be put into action. They quietly sat there and waited for the alien space capsule to land. 

When Alice landed in her space capsule, she opened the door, and as soon as she saw it, she felt like vomiting, nevertheless, she strongly held it. Alice felt sufficient because of her surroundings. 

She did not feel well enough to want to go down because of the w-w-water. She had no way out but to go back home there were no dry spots. Finally, the humans truly believed that her weakness was water. 

The humans wonder what would happen if she touched water or swallowed water. The humans also wanted to know what to do with valuable information. The humans still did not know if it was just that or if there was more they desired to know. 

Afterwards, they had a long chat about it and talked about their reasonable reasoning. They decided that it was not right to be mean to the alien. The cause of this was that the alien did not do anything to them. 

They were even-handed being mean to the poor little alien. Alice did not like it, but she tried not to say anything because the other aliens would get mad and the humans would get hurt, which she did not want. 

The humans decided they would tell the other humans to stop being mean to the aliens because some of the humans started feeling sad for Alice. Finally, to settle, they had a little vote. 

The two things that you could vote for (A) we should stop being mean rather than (B) we shouldn’t stop being mean. Finally, everyone voted and guess what everybody was happy because vote A lost and vote B won. 

After everyone decided to be kind, they had a party and invited Alice, the friendly alien. They had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious party, and now they had a space alien as their friends.