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Paint with Music – Kick Start

Task description: This week during free time, we got to chooses what we wanted to do, I decided to do summer learning journey. I did a task called ‘Paint with Music’. I did the song ‘Mad at Disney’ by: Jason Hahs Bendik Møller. After that I completed the task, and I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

Fun fact for the Day: Did you know that Tiana didn’t go to college but she is the only Disney Princess with an actual job that makes money. She works hard and it’s paid off. It’s given her an awareness of the economy and how to run a business.

Finish it off properly (FIOP)

Task description: During the week my literacy and math class was finishing all of their work from term 2 off properly !FINISH IT OFF PROPERLY – FLOP! All tasks from this term are COMPLETED, FILED CORRECTLY and SHARED on my blog. I enjoyed this task very much because I had already finishing everything for this term, and since their are only 6 1/2 days of school left. I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog. BBYYEEE ;P

Howard Carter

Task description: This week during literacy, we had to work in small groups to study an ancient civilization or famous person. We were learning to present our thinking to the class. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.


Task description: This week during Maths, we are learning to solve word problems, and apply a range of strategies to solve word problems. After that I completed the task, and I posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

Measurement Recap

Task description: This week during Maths, we learn how to use negative numbers. We also learn how to add and subtract negative integers and place negative integers on a number line. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

Revenge – (Extra) – Design a gadget for our Writing

As the night grew colder, after a romantic and hectic night the two love birds fell asleep, both with a smile on their face. As morning arised, the sun shone through the window awakening the snoring Fox. Once he had fully woken up, he turned to wake his beautiful wife up from her slumber. In shock he ran to the front seat of the car and drove to their house…his wife Lily was nowhere to be found.

He hurried inside. As he searched the house he discovered his wife wasn’t at home!? Suddenly, he remembered what Doctor Hammerhead said. At the end of his last mission Doctor Hammerhead said “Curse you damn Fox, I will get my revenge, just you wait.” Mr Fox, through Doctor Hammerhead, had kidnapped Lily, his beloved wife!

After he had come to such a horrible thought about Lily he broke down in tears. Mr Fox knew he couldn’t lose his wife because he couldn’t live without her! He loved her with all his heart. They have been married to each other for over 15 year now and have worked together as undercover spies to save the world from all of the antagonists for over 20 years. 

He walked to the living room thinking about what to do. As Mr Fox buried himself in his own thoughts, crying his heart out. Instantaneously the TV turned on…which stunned him because it was a video of his wife saying to come to an address or she would kill herself!? The address was where his last mission was, which was Doctor Hammerhead headquarters. Mr Fox was so blinded by love, he didn’t even realize something was wrong with Lily’s eyes. 

Back with Doctor Hammerhead, he had rebuilt his headquarters with the help of his minions, aka dirty work helpers. His minions do all of his dirty work so if they get caught he won’t go to jail because he didn’t do anything wrong, his minions did. Doctor Hammerhead’s plan was to make his helpers kidnap Mr Fox’s wife, then make his wife turn on him by hypnotizing her to kill Mr Fox and work with him to destroy the world!

With Mr Fox, once again he was in his car speeding to find his wife. By now he had run at least 8 or 9 red lights. The fox was pressing on the petal so hard that he crashed his car into a pole. He was so determined to save his wife he was putting his own life in danger. Luckily he was not injured, but the car was broken now because he was pushing too hard on the gas.

He got out of the car and phoned his best friend Francis. Francis rarely ever picks up his phone but thankfully he did. Mr Fox tells Francis what had happened and asks him to help him save Lily, and of course he said yes because Francis would do anything to help his friend because he knows how much he loves his wife, Lily.

30 minutes later Francis’s car pulls up to the address Mr Fox had sent to him to pick him up. They drove to Doctor Hammerhead headquarters and just before Mr Fox was about to call Lily’s phone to ask them to open the gate for them the gate started opening by itself. As they slowly started driving in, the gate behind them started closing. 

Then another video of his wife started playing on a TV in front of them…which surprised him and Francis because now that he had calmed down he finally realized that something was wrong with Lily’s eye because her normal eye color is brown. Even tho they were suspicious they went along with everything because his wife was on the line. 

Doctor Hammerhead told them to get out of the car and place their weapons on the ground. They were then ordered to put their hands behind their backs. As soon as their weapons were placed on the ground with their hands behind their back, Doctor Hammerhead immediately sent his minions to tie up their hands with metal chains so they couldn’t escape.

Mr Fox calmly said “now that you know we can’t hurt you, can we please just see Lily, please, I’m begging you, please.” Doctor Hammerhead reasoned with a strong “NO!” After that Mr Fox lost it, he started to scream out for his wife, he was crying his heart out for her. After Doctor Hammerhead couldn’t handle the yelling and screeching anymore they were shoved into a dark room.

A couple of minutes later, Doctor Hammerhead’s minions came and dragged them into Doctor Hammerhead’s office. Once again Mr Fox asked to see his wife, and still he said “NO!” They asked why they were there? And Doctor Hammerhead said “remember back in highschool when you were called the golden student because you were good at everything. You made my life miserable. You were always better at everything and made me feel like I was nothing!”

Mr Fox started to stutter, he was so confused because he did know that he felt that was why. Then it came to Mr Fox that’s why he was doing this to his wife to get revenge on him. To make Mr Fox suffer and make him feel the same pain Doctor Hammerhead had felt in the past. Mr Fox didn’t know what to say, he was speechless. Mr Fox felt so sorry for him.

After that Doctor Hammerhead wiped the tears and said that’s enough chit chat take them to the dungeon. The minions rushed in to take them away, Mr Fox and Francis did put up a fight but there were too many of them to fight off. As they were put in the dungeons, they thought of different ways to get out of there and save Lily and get home because they didn’t have their car keys anymore. 

After they were put in jail, 40 minutes later 2 minions came in with a tray of food for them to eat. They opened the door and put the food on the ground and closed the door, they told them to eat it before leaving. As soon as the minions left the room Mr Fox told Francis that they had forgotten to lock the door, this is the only way they can get out of here and save Lily safely.

They slowly creeped out of the jail making sure to not make too much noise. As they moved from place to place they thought no one had seen them because it was as quiet and still as a mouse. But as soon as they made a run for the door a loud siren went off. All of the minions came outside to see what was happening. 

They all look so confused but then as we try to walk away one of the minions spotted us, and started screaming “the prisoners are escaping! The prisoners are escaping! Attack! As soon as the minion said we were trying to escape, they started shooting arrows and throwing this very colorful but weird powder that made us very sleepy.

They both fell asleep, hitting their head on the ground with a big thump! When they woke up they both were in a lot of pain because they had hit their heads on the ground making a huge bump on their heads. They both were hurting in pain inside but didn’t have the energy to make a sound because everytime they moved a lim in hurt.

As the both of them were waking up they realized that Lily was in front of them…they both signed a side of releaf! Then suddenly Mr Fox noticed she was holding a gun to their heads, he elbowed Francis and when he turned his head, he froze in shock. Francis said in a shaky voice “I thought we were friends, what happened to you?” “H-h-he’s right, what happened to you? I love you, I-d-please don’t do this!”

Lily looked at Doctor Hammerhead in confusion. Lily didn’t know what Mr Fox meant when he said “I love you?” Lily thought to herself, who is he? I have never met him in my life, and he tells me he loves me…!? Doctor Hammerhead started to yell at her from the top of his lunges. He screams at Lily to end Mr Fox and Francis lives before he kills all of them himself and throws them in a ditch in a dark alleyway at night.

Tremulous and scared Lily lifts the loaded gun to Mr Fox and Francis stomect! As she released the trigger of the Gun there were 2 loud bangs! The gunshots brought back the pain of something that happened in Lily’s past which caused her to cry. When Lily was much younger, her mother was shot by a random person that was never identified, she was only 5 years old at the time. 

So when she hears a gunshot it triggers pain in her and brings back the memory of the day that her mother died. When she heard the gunshot she felt what her mother felt in 2005. When Lily’s mother had just died, she didn’t come out of her room for weeks and months…but somehow Lily’s father got her to come out of her room, and when she did her father told her…

“Some saw a bullet hole, you saw the person around it. you saw the pain in the one still living and the potential of those who lay cold in silent grayness. You saw the perfect skin, the arms that the mouth that must have known laughter at one time. You saw a human rather than a statistic and felt the grief of those who loved them and the fracturing echo of the universe.”

After snapping out of that memory and coming back to her senses, her eyes were back to normal, they were brown again. She looked up and saw Mr Fox and Francis…crying in pain, slowly dying. It was as if the bullet had gone through their guts, as if their blood was still draining over their shirt, running warm through the coarse hairs of their legs. Their stomach lurched. It was PTSD but more like a short influenza, altering them physically for the worse.

As Lily leaned in to help them heal their wounds with her healing power, Doctor Hammerhead said “I want you to torture them until they died, and after making sure they are died, throw them in a ditch in a dark alleyway at midnight exactly, make sure no one sees you and don’t get caught! I’m not going to jail because some idiot wasn’t careful enough. The fun part in my biological plan is just starting and nothing is going to stop me, got it kitty.”

Lily hesitated for a bit, but then her eyes changed again and they went back to a glowing blue color. Suddenly! Lily said, sounding very certain, “Okay master, your wish is my command.” As soon as Lily replied, Mr Fox and Francis both black out. Wake up with their hands tied to the ceiling and their feet to the ground, stretching their bodys as if they wanted to rip them into two pieces.

5 minutes later, Lily comes in with two knives in her hands, with 4 other of Doctor Hammerhead’s minions following behind her. The minions were all holding buckets with torturing tools and sharp pointy things with them. After placing all of their things on the table in front of them, the fun began.

First they started picking out which tool they were going to use to torment poor Mr Fox and Francis…to death. After picking out the weapons, they lit the fire, placing their tool in the fire to heat them up. Lily had ordered them to put them in the fire because if the tools are hot it will hurt them more and they will scream in pain.

Furthermore, 2 other minions came in dragging in a Spanish Donkey, Lily then asked Mr Fox and Francis who would like to go first? Mr Fox didn’t think it could do much damage so he volunteered to go first. As soon as Mr Fox said that they ripped his clothes off and untied him and put him on the Spanish Donkey and tied him up again.

If you don’t know what a Spanish Donkey is, it is similar to the Judas Cradle, the Spanish Donkey is a triangular board that a person is forced to straddle on butt naked, putting their full weight right on the crotch. Weights are then added to their feet until it splits them up the middle. Spanish Donkey was made and used in the medieval time as torture.

After that, the same 2 minions came dragging in a Strappado. Lily once again ordered the minions to put Francis on the Strappado. Once again they  ripped his clothes off and untied him and put him on the Strappado and tied him up again.

A Strappado is a simple cord, the strappado would be tied around the victims wrists behind their back. They would then be dropped, yanking severely on the sockets of the shoulders. The forward leaning of the body and dislocated shoulders restrict breathing, for added discomfort.

Then the minions grabbed things like Crocodile Shears, Lead Sprinkler, Pear of Anguish, The Rack, Spanish Tickler, Shrew’s Fiddle, Tongue Tearer and The Spider, and started torturing the men as one was being spilt in half and the other being hung by a cored. They both cried silently inside because they didn’t have energy to shout for help.

After being split in half and being hung by a cored for 1 hour. Mr Fox was forced to lie in a Brodequin and watch as his best friend was forced into sitting in the Iron chair. They both didn’t know what to do besides listening to their orders and doing what they said. 

As Mr Fox was being punished on the Brodequin, which is a smashing and mashing seemed to be in vogue during medieval times, and the brodequin is evidence of that. A set of boards would be fitted around a person’s legs, and then wedges would be hammered into the gaps, often causing bones to literally burst through sheer pressure. Definitely more creative than death by sawing, but much less savory.

Fracis was being punished by sitting on an Iron chair which doesn’t sound that bad but if you knew what it was, you would take it back. The iron torture chair pierced a person’s body at every point of contact. These points would go in deep enough to break the skin, but not far enough to damage any vital organs or major arteries. The person wouldn’t even bleed very much, since the chair would plug the wounds until victims were removed.

After another hour of tormenting Mr Fox and Fracis the badger sadly passed away. But there was a reason Mr Fox was holding on for so long. It was because he and his wife, Lily, had said to each other on the night of their wedding. “Others would have emotional scars, not you, you’re still bleeding because your heart is so strong. The thing is, you just need a new bond and you’ll be fine, you’ll be as good as new, still independent and strong. Love is as the blood in our veins, it needs to flow.” Which made Mr Fox try and stay alive and keep hope that she would snap out of it.

After making sure they were dead and not faking it. Lily helped the minions wrap the bodies in plastic so the blood didn’t go everywhere in the back of the car. Then they trawled down 4 floors to get to the main door, and loaded them into the car to drive to the destination. Lily and 3 minions drove to a dark alleyway and dumped the bodies there. But before leaving Lily stopped to say a quote she had written for her husband, and it went like this.

“I wanted him to laugh, to giggle, to say that this was all a big joke. No such luck. He had passed on, this was not him but a corpse, the vehicle he drove around all his life, his material home upon this plane of existence. I touch his skin, so cold. Whilst I am thankful for the time we had, when a one you loved passes on you grieve. There is a time of mourning, the ancients were right about that. Healing from loss takes more time than broken bones.” 

Blowing a kiss to Mr Fox, her loving Husband and Francis, her friend, she gets in her car and drives the same way she came. On the way back it’s a silent ride because Lily had never buried a body before and she was scared for her life but it was masters orders. She thought about whether Mr Fox would ever forgive her for what she didn’t, but it wasn’t her fault because her master told her to.

As they were pulling up to the driveway, they saw Doctor Hammerhead waiting for them at the door!? Lily and the minions were confused if they had done anything wrong? But when they go to the door Doctor Hammerhead gives them all a hug and tells them to join the party. But why are we having a party, thought them all as they heard music in the background?

They asked why we were having a party and Doctor Hammerhead replied with because Mr Fox is gone so now no one can stop me meaning I can take over the world and kill all of my other enemies. I can finally make my dream come true. I’ve worked so hard for this moment and I want to share it with all of you, so join me to celebrate our victory with the old old rug.

That rug, that stupid old filthy rug, had seen more dancing shoes than a ballroom. It was where we twirled, everyone with everyone, the music escaping from every open window and door. Once the color of cherries, now it told an earthy tale of love and laughter, of more good times than anyone is ever promised. I could have replaced it, brought in another, but instead we hauled it to the river in good weather and washed it as best we could.

As it started to get hot in the house and people were getting bored. They took the party to the beach, all of them a safe distance apart and did a dance-off, a trophy going to the winner… And the winner wasn’t the best dancer, it was the one who made everyone laugh the most. There’ll be a day when we can dance as they once did, closer and hotter, yet for now, this is a good time with memories they can share and keep.

As Lily partied with the others as she said to herself “be my air, be my sweetness, be my tumble into giddy darkness – be the sort that brings the most ridiculous joy. Let’s melt into this party, melt into the beat and sweat until our hearts call for the luxury of our beds and the chaos of our entwined dreams.” After a hard night of partying and drinking, they all fell asleep in their beds. And this is where the story of Doctor Hammerhead’s Revenge comes to an end – Thank You For Reading

Task description: This week during Writing, we had to design a gadget for our characters in our writing. Using Google Draw Design a ‘Bond-like gadget that the characters could use in their missions. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

Weather Man Worries

Task description: This week during Maths, we are learning to use negative numbers. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog. If you would like to see me map, you can click here: My Maths Map

Zaria – 50/50 From

Do you like online school or faces 2 faces school?

Task description: This week for today’s Cybersmart class we were asked to make our own google form and this is my form, this form only has one question that you can answer.After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog. Would you like to fill in my form, if so then click on my question.

Show Not Tell

Task description: Today for writing Team 5 was looking at why we should show not tell, because if you show and not tell it creates empathy and invests the reader – which is exactly what you need. Writing your book introduction with an abundance of showing not telling is a powerful way to draw readers in for the duration of your entire book. But this technique is much easier shown than told, hehe did you see what I did there? After that I completed the task. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.