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Magical field

I remember a story from when I was a kid about a boy and a girl who got powers and then lost them. I’ll try to tell you what I remember, and hopefully somebody will know what I’m talking about and where I can find this story: 

From what I can remember there was a magical field that the boy discovered with a tree in it and a rock. He gains the ability to do anything he can think of, including flight.

His female friend then finds the field too, and I remember them having a discussion about their powers. He demonstrates that he can fly around the tree.

He was excited that someone else knew the secret, and she told him she had gotten powers too, by saying something to the effect of, “it’s not that I can do anything, it’s that I know everything.”

She then proceeds to tell him that, for instance, if she tilts her head to a certain angle she knows that buried 6 inches under the ground near them is a coin or something.

The boy digs and does in fact find what she had described. They agree that they must never tell anyone about their powers or they will lose their new abilities altogether.

Later the boy was injured somehow, I believe he broke his arm, and the girl knew how to bandage him up and drive him to a hospital because of her abilities.

But then when she got there the adults were suspicious of how a child could have done all that. I believe in the end they both lose their powers. Does any of this sound at all familiar to someone?

Why The Snake Has No Legs

Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a Snake, but he wasn’t just any other Snake, he was blind. He always told himself “I’m the first of my kind and I’m blind, I’m such a disappointment.”


As you can tell, he was always very hard on himself for being blind, but all of his friends knew it wasn’t his fault. But from time to time they get so tired of Snake and say some very harsh words that make him feel disgusting inside.


Being blind made Snake’s life very compact. Doing simple tasks were difficult for him, and he always gets in lots of trouble because of it. When Snake went places, he would get mocked, so he would run away while crying to himself for hours.


One day, Snake decided to go to a festival because he was in such a good mood, but things started to turn ugly in seconds.


At the Festival ~


Snake starts by bumping into Zebra. Zebra tells Snake about the festival of colours and feels bad for Snake because he cannot see. Snake tries to find the festival of colours but just keeps bumping into stuff.


Snake bumps into more animals and they all feel bad for Snake once they find out that he is blind. Snake bumps into Turtle again and Turtle Yells at him. Then Turtle suggests that Snake borrows a pair of eyes for the festival.


Snake tries to bribe Frog for his eyes because Frog is sick. Snake realises that Frog eyes are too big for him and lets Frog take them back. Snake then tries to bribe Chameleon for his eyes with flies.


Chameleon eyes are too colourful for Snake, so Snake lets Chameleon take them back. Snake runs into a Centipede. The Centipede is stuck and cannot crawl out. Snake offers to trade his eyes for Snake’s legs.


The centipede accepts, so Snake gives him his legs. The Centipede runs around all happy and gives Snake his eyes. Snake goes happily to the festival of colours.


And that’s why Snakes have no legs!

3 Sisters

Long ago in the Blue Mountains, three Aboriginal sisters; Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo lived with their father, a Witch doctor named Tyawan.


In the same forest lived a gigantic creature that was feared by all – he was the Bunyip. Tyawan who knew where he lived would leave his daughters on the cliff behind a rocky wall where they would be safe while he would collect food.

One day, waving goodbye to his daughters he descended the cliff steps. On the top of the cliff, a big lizard suddenly appeared and frightened Meenhi. She picked up a stone and threw it at the lizard.

The stone rolled away over the cliff and crashed into the valley below. Suddenly, the rocks behind the three sisters split open, leaving the sisters on a thin ledge.

There was a deep rumble from below and the angry Bunyip emerged from his sleep. He looked up to see who had rudely awakened him and there perched on the thin ledge he saw the sisters cowering in fear. Furiously he lurched towards them.


In the valley, Tyawan heard the cry and looked up to see that the Bunyip had almost reached his daughters. Frantically the Witch Doctor pointed his magic bone at the girls and turned them into stone.

They would be safe there until the Bunyip was gone and then Tyawan would return them to their former selves.

The Bunyip was even more angry when he saw what had happened and he turned on Tyawan and began to chase him. Running away, Tyawan found himself trapped against a rock which he could neither climb nor go around.

He quickly changed into a Lyrebird and disappeared into a small cave. Everyone was safe but Tyawan had dropped his magic bone. The Bunyip returned angrily to his hole.

Tyawan crept out of the cave and searched for the bone, and is still seeking it while the Three Sisters stand silently waiting, hoping he will find the bone and turn them back to their former selves.

You can see the Three Sisters today from Echo Point and in the valley you can hear Tyawan, the Lyrebird, calling them as he searches for his lost magic bone.


Moral: The forests are beautiful, but you must always be careful to know what creatures live there.


There was a beautiful orphan girl named Christina. She has beautiful blue eyes with long brown hair. Her mum was screaming during childbirth and then suddenly she died. She had lost everyone in her family during this time because no one wanted her. Her mum’s parents died before I was born. Since her dad didn’t have a wife anymore he went for a new woman. Now Christina lives in an orphanage.


In her orphanage there is an event where the strict leader lets the orphans go out of the orphanage, once a year on their birthday. The leader actually hates them but he didn’t want rumours about him hating them. One day on her birthday, Christina was outside talking to herself. She was saying, “What should I ……” SLAM. “OUCH” cried Christina. She just got hit by a car and the car fled the scene.


A man was walking on the side of the road. The man’s smile suddenly turned into a frown when he noticed a girl lying on the road. The man felt so bad for her so he called the ambulance immediately. After she was examined by the doctors and the nurse, the man was told by the doctor that she had lost her memory.


The doctor said that the man can have a talk with her. When the man went inside he noticed an orphanage bracelet. It said friends of orphan’s street. Suddenly the man called the leader. When the leader told the kids, they burst into tears and they cried their hearts out. The strict leader took pity on them and took them to the hospital. The leader tried to talk to Christina to make her remember her past.


The kids say their names, show pictures and say funny memories to get her memory back, but it doesn’t work. When they realised that it didn’t work they asked the doctor if there was a special treatment. He said “yes!” The only reason that the leader asked is because he did not want to look bad in public.


After they did the treatment she s l o w l y got her memory back. On the leader’s birthday he goes out to celebrate. That day the children got exciting news. The leader died in a car accident. He passed away instead of surviving. As soon as the kids heard that, they started voting Christina to be the leader.


The End

The Magical Forest

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a magical forest called the mystical forest. In the mystical forest there were amazing creatures like fairies, elves, unicorns and lots more that you couldn’t imagine.


One day the fairy princess met a nice prince and got engaged. She told her father about this and he got angry for not letting him know any sooner. All he was saying to his daughter was stuff like “does your mother know about this?” or “how do you know that he is even of royal blood?”.


Penelope (which was the fairy princesses name) got very tired of this and started yelling back at her father. She was sick and tired of him giving her lectures over nothing, so she decided to run away with her future husband to his kingdom.


Once she got there she got married to the prince. Several weeks after her honeymoon she realised what a terrible mistake she had made for running away from her mother and father. She flew back to her kingdom and went to the palace.


She apologised to them and found out that she had a new baby sister! She was overwhelmed with happiness and her parents were glad that she was back. In the end they all lived happily ever after. I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing! <3


On a cold winter’s afternoon about 3:30pm, I was walking home from school when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw a blue Toyota Camry pull up. I walked over to the car and peeped inside, when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind.


I went to scream but the person behind me put their hands over my mouth, then hurled me inside the car. I look around and saw two masked men in the back seat and one masked person in the front. The car speeds down the deserted streets.


Then everything goes dark. I realise that I have a bag over my head. “Oh my god, I’m being kidnapped!” After what seemed like hours of driving the car finally came to a halt. Someone picked me up and took me outside then dropped me on the ground.


“Ow, that hurt,” I said to myself. I slowly rise to my feet. Someone took the bag off my head. I looked around and saw what looked like a prison. I tried to contain myself while I was being pushed into the prison building then into a cell.


One of the kidnappers began to talk. “Little girl in case you’re wondering why you’re here I’ll tell you. See your father works at a jewellery store and we’ve kidnapped you and are holding you ransom for all the jewels in the shop.


“HA HA HA HA.” With that they left. “What am I going to do?” I thought to myself as I walked around the cell. What a discovery! This would change things for sure. They left the door unlocked. How stupid are they if they’re trying to kidnap someone?


They should at least do it right!! I slowly opened the door and snuck out. I peered outside the window to see that the kidnappers were just outside and that one of them was on the phone. I heard him talking, “Mr Stockerman if you ever want to see your little girl again then you will give me all your jewels.”


I stepped back from the window. What to do now? I looked around the cell and bingo! The cell keys were on a wall. I walked back over to my cell and shut the door. I still have the keys in my hand then I lay on the ground and start yelling, “help, help. Oh someone please help me.”


Suddenly all the kidnappers rush through the door and into my cell. Quick as a flash I hop up and shut and lock the door behind me. “How did you do that?” one of them muttered. “You left the door unlocked,” I replied mockingly. I walked outside and saw a cell phone. I picked it up and called the police.


When they arrived they were startled to see me sitting outside whistling happily and the kidnappers locked up inside a prison cell. Then the next day I received an award and $1000,000 for capturing them. It turned out that the kidnappers were master criminals and had been on the run for 3 years.


Task description: This week during Writing, we had to use the S.E.E. to structure our paragraphs. Our paragraphs starts with a statement/topic sentence, and the statement is explained and an example is given. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.


This short tale starts benignly enough, with a friendly-seeming ghost playing with children, but when you learn the origins of the ghost – and just why the ghost is moving the object around the room, it quickly gets a lot creepier.


“When my sister Betsy and I were kids, our family lived for a while in a charming old farmhouse. We loved exploring its dusty corners and climbing the apple tree in the backyard. But our favourite thing was the ghost.


We called her Mother, because she seemed so kind and nurturing. Some mornings Betsy and I would wake up, and on each of our nightstands, we’d find a cup that hadn’t been there the night before. Mother had left them there, worried that we’d get thirsty during the night.


She just wanted to take care of us. Among the homes’ original furnishings was an antique wooden chair which we kept against the back wall of the living room. Whenever we were preoccupied, watching TV or playing a game, Mother would inch that chair forward, across the room, toward us.


Sometimes she’d manage to move it all the way to the centre of the room. We always felt sad putting it back against the wall. Mother just wanted to be near us. Years later, long after we’d moved out, I found an old newspaper article about the farmhouse’s original occupant, a widow.


She’d murdered her two children by giving them each a cup of poisoned milk before bed. Then she hung herself. The article included a photo of the farmhouse’s living room, with a woman’s body hanging from a beam. Beneath her, knocked over, was that old wooden chair, placed exactly in the centre of the room.”


…Did it get colder in here, or is it just me?

Why We Need Rainy Day Monitors

~Why We Need Rainy Day Monitors~

Hi my name is Zaria, and today I’m going to talk about why we need rainy day monitors in school when it rains. As we all know when it rains it’s hard for teachers to eat their food and finish the work they have to do. This is because if they are doing their work and eating who is going to watch the children to make sure they don’t get hurt or break anything. 


But first I’m going to tell you what rainy day monitors are. Rainy day monitors are year 7 & 8 students who are picked by the teacher to go around break time to the classroom to look after the younger kids when it rains. So why do we need rainy day monitors? Now I’m going to tell you why I’m going to tell you the reason why we need rainy day monitors in school. 


Reason One: 

My first reason is based on trust because the most important thing is trust. This is because you can’t just want trust, you have to earn it. And at Pt England School we have rainy day monitors and the good thing about rainy day monitors is that the students have the chance to prove that they are responsible and they can be trusted to look after children, well the teachers are eating their lunch.


Also because when children are required to do various tasks, they learn self-discipline, time management, empathy, and the consequences of actions. Responsibility is something all children need to learn. By helping children develop responsibility, you are helping them reach their full potential. Responsibility involves making decisions, being trusted, and learning to take credit for one’s actions, whether good or bad.


Reason Two: 

My second reason is it can help younger kids learn that they have to respect their elders even if they are not a teacher or their parents. I feel like if kids are shown at a young age that they have to respect everyone then they’re more likely to do it because from a young age they have been told and shown that it’s rude not to respect their elders, which is why I think having rainy day monitors in schools is a very good thing.


According to Church News Archives, most of us need to remember that by respecting elderly people ourselves, we are setting an example for the young children around us. Which is why people should make children feel and know from an early age how to respect, and teach children to serve elderly people with respect.


Reason Three: 

My third reason is because it can motivate little kids to get to their level, consciously and unconsciously. Also being around successful people encourages kids to be successful. It inspires them to work when they don’t want to, get healthier, and accomplish more goals. And that is the whole point of school, to help kids accomplish their goals and be successful.


Meaning if schools start having rainy day monitors then it is more probable that younger kids will have motivation to strive to succeed, which is Pt England Schools motto. A role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. A role model is someone we admire and someone we aspire to be like.


A role model is a person whose behaviour or success can be emulated by others. According to Bandura’s social learning theory, learning from role models is described as observational learning. According to this theory, effective learning occurs by observing others actions and outcomes of their behaviours. So having rainy day monitors can be a very effective thing for young students, and it can be very helpful.


Now we have come to the end of my writing, and I hope that I’ve changed your mind about why schools should have rainy day monitors. Rani day monitors are essential for a happy and safe school environment. This is because when the teachers are eating their lunch, someone is still watching the student to make sure they don’t get hurt.


Fun fact, I’m acutely a rainy day monitors myself, and I really enjoy being around younger students for a change. Would you want to be one? Which is why I think having rainy day monitors is a very helpful thing because it gives students opportunities to be responsible, teaches kids to respect everyone, and it helps kids strive to succeed – the Pt England Way.