Conversation between two shoemakers

Write a conversation between these two shoemakers. Be sure to give each shoemaker a name and make sure you use speech marks correctly. 

Task description: This week during literacy we were learning to correctly use “Speech marks” in our writing. Our success criteria: correctly include speech marks in my writing, and identify incorrect uses of speech marks. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog. I enjoyed this task very much, and I hope to do more like this soon. Hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment; thank you for visiting my blog.

In a timeless Parisien street there is a little shoemaker called Damon Salvatore. On the streets of Paris stands Mr. Salvatore’s shoemaker shop. He makes and sells a special kind of shoes and his business is good.

However, the little shoemaker’s life is about to change…sadly, Mr. Salvatore’s life making beautiful shoes is disturbed! A most peculiar street Mr. Deville pulls up outside of his shop. When a new shoe seller is in town, Mr. Salvatore will do anything to gain business. 

His routine is altered by a trickster peddler who wants control of Mr. Salvatore shoemaker shop, making a direct rivalry with its own shop. “Who do you think you are?” screamed Mr. Salvatore, as Andrew deville tried to steal his customer. “I am just trying to sell shoes,” said Mr. Deville.

Since that day, everything has changed, “Mr. Deville soon started to steal all my customers and my business started to fail”, said Mr. Salvatore. “How will I cope?” said Damon. In his mind, he thought, maybe I will get some help from those I believe in.

Due to Damon’s situation, the benefits of the shop slow down little by little, arriving at a point when Mr. Salvatore says “It’s time to think about renouncing the shop and firm the sales contract of the peddler”. But his lovely shoes have a plan. They have a mind of their own!

The shoes make Mr. Salvatore create his best piece of man made shoe ever designed. After 12 hours, 20 minutes and 47 seconds, or some could say 10000 years later. Mr. Damon Salvatore proudly announced that his shoes, no masterpiece, were done. 

They were a light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow. Golden, metallic, and shiny they were, clicked together as they look like something to wear to a wedding. Shiny and glossy every and any word that you could think of would still not describe it, because of how good it looked.

The next day, Mr Salvatore walked up to Mr Deville, or Andrew as people had known him, and gave him the letter which was handing over the title of the building. The cause of this was he was tired after all that issues in loss of business and money problems.

But his shoes had a different plan for him after giving him the letter, Mr. Deville screamed with excitement. After that, Damon also handed him the shoe box with the shoes that he spent all that time on in his little shop.

The pair of shoes match the hook of his cane, yet no one knew why he alway had a cane, but still it gave the outfit a finishing touch. Suddenly…the shoes started to do stuff to him as soon as they touched his feet.

It was like he didn’t have any control over his body, it made him dance along the road as if on air and soon he perished in the light. Mr. Salvatore was so happy that he was gone that he yelled to himself “My nightmares are gone, gone I tell you!”

The letter he had given to Mr. Deville came flying back to him, which landed on his face. Then Mr. Salvatore made the best decision of his life. He grabbed the paper and ripped it up, that paper was to hand over the title of the building to Mr. Deville, but now he was gone so there was no need for the paper.

THE END – By: Zaria

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