Day: July 25, 2022

Immersion assembly

Our school had an immersion assembly today, for the first day of term 2. I was super excited so I quickly decided to go to class. From class we walked to the hall in boy – girl lines, or as the teachers say BG lines. Then Mr Burt talked about lots of things, and welcomed us all back to school. After that the interesting stuff started!


Mr Burt also informed us about our theme. Our theme was Art Wroks, so Mr Burt explained it to us. The topic for this term is Art Works. Which obviously has something to do with art. As usual we had our immersion assembly. We got to see all the teams performances and movies and got a look at what they were learning about.


Honestly my favourite one out of the teams was team 5. Each of the teachers had a role to play from a scene from Beauty and the beast. Mrs Stone was a candle, Mrs Ilaoa was a Violin player,  Miss Tipene was the talking Goose, Mr Moran was the Beast, and Mr Wiseman was the Bella.


My favourite out of teacher roles was Mr Moran in his dog costume. My favourite movie was the Team 5 one. Team 5 did an amazing act! It was funny watching Mr Moran and Mr Wiseman dancing and acting together. I hope you enjoyed reading about immersion assembly and my favourite movie/act!

I liked all the movies/acts. They were all interesting and had something different. But if I had to pick a movie/act it would be the act from team 5 as it had a lot of funny moments. I loved all the movies and I am excited for the term and am ready to do loads of learning. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts this term!


I’m very excited for this term and the things that Team 5 will learn because I generally just love art. I look forward to everything that I’ll be creating and doing this term, and I hope you are, too ;P – We also got told that at the end of the term, Team 5 we are having an art exhibition. Which means we will have our art be on display.

Anyway this term Team 5 will be doing plays, making music and doing some fun art. I am really looking forward to doing these things this term. Stay tuned for any of my blog posts about art! <3