Why We Need Rainy Day Monitors

~Why We Need Rainy Day Monitors~

Hi my name is Zaria, and today I’m going to talk about why we need rainy day monitors in school when it rains. As we all know when it rains it’s hard for teachers to eat their food and finish the work they have to do. This is because if they are doing their work and eating who is going to watch the children to make sure they don’t get hurt or break anything. 


But first I’m going to tell you what rainy day monitors are. Rainy day monitors are year 7 & 8 students who are picked by the teacher to go around break time to the classroom to look after the younger kids when it rains. So why do we need rainy day monitors? Now I’m going to tell you why I’m going to tell you the reason why we need rainy day monitors in school. 


Reason One: 

My first reason is based on trust because the most important thing is trust. This is because you can’t just want trust, you have to earn it. And at Pt England School we have rainy day monitors and the good thing about rainy day monitors is that the students have the chance to prove that they are responsible and they can be trusted to look after children, well the teachers are eating their lunch.


Also because when children are required to do various tasks, they learn self-discipline, time management, empathy, and the consequences of actions. Responsibility is something all children need to learn. By helping children develop responsibility, you are helping them reach their full potential. Responsibility involves making decisions, being trusted, and learning to take credit for one’s actions, whether good or bad.


Reason Two: 

My second reason is it can help younger kids learn that they have to respect their elders even if they are not a teacher or their parents. I feel like if kids are shown at a young age that they have to respect everyone then they’re more likely to do it because from a young age they have been told and shown that it’s rude not to respect their elders, which is why I think having rainy day monitors in schools is a very good thing.


According to Church News Archives, most of us need to remember that by respecting elderly people ourselves, we are setting an example for the young children around us. Which is why people should make children feel and know from an early age how to respect, and teach children to serve elderly people with respect.


Reason Three: 

My third reason is because it can motivate little kids to get to their level, consciously and unconsciously. Also being around successful people encourages kids to be successful. It inspires them to work when they don’t want to, get healthier, and accomplish more goals. And that is the whole point of school, to help kids accomplish their goals and be successful.


Meaning if schools start having rainy day monitors then it is more probable that younger kids will have motivation to strive to succeed, which is Pt England Schools motto. A role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. A role model is someone we admire and someone we aspire to be like.


A role model is a person whose behaviour or success can be emulated by others. According to Bandura’s social learning theory, learning from role models is described as observational learning. According to this theory, effective learning occurs by observing others actions and outcomes of their behaviours. So having rainy day monitors can be a very effective thing for young students, and it can be very helpful.


Now we have come to the end of my writing, and I hope that I’ve changed your mind about why schools should have rainy day monitors. Rani day monitors are essential for a happy and safe school environment. This is because when the teachers are eating their lunch, someone is still watching the student to make sure they don’t get hurt.


Fun fact, I’m acutely a rainy day monitors myself, and I really enjoy being around younger students for a change. Would you want to be one? Which is why I think having rainy day monitors is a very helpful thing because it gives students opportunities to be responsible, teaches kids to respect everyone, and it helps kids strive to succeed – the Pt England Way. 

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