POV: You’ve won 2 million dollars

Congratulations! You have won 2 million dollars. What would you do with the money?


I have thought about this before so I’ve planned it out based on my life and things happening in it, so firstly I would spend $1140000 dollars on a house from my 2 million dollars and that would leave me with $860000 dollars left to save or spend, but I’m gonna spend.


Next I would half my $860000 dollars and put $430000 dollars on my card which I would save and slowly use over the next couple of years to pay off the payments for the house and buy things like furniture for the house I bought, which I’m gonna keep on my oldest sisters name until I’m 18 and can legally own a property of my own name


After that I’d use the other $430000 dollars to help my parents pay off the mortgage and pills and let’s say that’s around $10000 dollars, I would have $420000 dollars left I would give 1000 to my sisters each, which would leave me with $418000 dollars. 


So then I would give $5000 dollars to my parents each for them to spend on themselves and buy whatever they need or want. Leaving me with $408000 dollars. 


Next I would give $10200 dollars for zakat because 2.5% of 408000 is 10200. But the reason I’m gonna give that money for zakat is because zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It’s a donation that Muslims regard as a mandatory act within their faith. Followers of Islam who have at least a minimum amount of wealth are required to give 2.5% of their liquid assets away to charity each year. Zakat’s are usually given to people in need. Also it’s considered a good deed in my religion and if you have ever committed a sin, by giving zakat you are giving back for that and making up for your wrongdoing.


After that I would have $397800 dollars left and from that I would also give 7800 for sadaqah jariyah which literally translates from its original Arabic as “flowing,” or “running” (jariyah) “charity” (sadaqah), meaning charity that one gives in life that continues to provide charitable benefit to its elected donee and, therefore, divine reward to its giver, after its donor passes away from this life. Sadaqah Jariyah is considered an act of kindness that continues to give long-term or after you have left this world. are usually given to people in need. 


After all of that I would have $390000 dollars left, and with that I would send half of the $390000 meaning $195, 000 dollars to Fiji to help my family pay bills and do anything else they need, such as renovation or paint jobs. And to get help with medical care because my nan is sick.


After all of that I would have $195,000 dollars left. Using that I would buy weekly groceries for the next 7 years because 195,000/365 = 534.24(2dp) and that’s how much groceries usually cost in my household. And I divided 195,000 by 365 because there are 365 weeks in 7 years. But if anything ever happens and there is an emergency or anything like that I can use that money as well.


And that is everything I would do if I won 2 million dollars!


Task description: This week during Writing, our task was to complete 2 free choice activities. My first task was to write a rhyming poem about something gross like farts and my second one was saying what would you do with the money if I won 2 million dollars. This is my second free choice activities, and to be honest, I wouldn’t go on a shopping spree or anything, I would use the money to help my family and to help random people in need.

My highlight was writing all my reasoning behind the things I would do with the money and seeing how much you could do with 2 million dollars. This task was really fun and I enjoyed every bit of it so I don’t really have a lowlight for it but maybe next time I will. I don’t have anything to work on this week either because I’m really proud of myself and how I’ve done this week. I hope to do more like this soon because it was really fun. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you! Bye~

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