Immersion Assembly

Our school had an immersion assembly today, for the first day of term 2. I was super excited so I quickly decided to go to class. From class we walked to the hall, Mr Burt told about us about our theme. Our theme was We know the way, so Mr Burt explained it to us. He talked about lots of things, and welcomed us all back to school. After that the interesting stuff started! 


Team 1 teachers presented their movie that they worked hard on during the holidays. In this movie they were told to look up look down look left, right and look all around. The movie started with Pt England School teachers dressed up in beekeeper clothes. As the movie started the bee keepers were searching for a bee to follow. The two bee keepers looked around for a bee to watch , then all of a sudden one of the bee keeper found a bee, and told her friend they should follow it. While they were following the bee, the bee spotted the bee keeper in the conner of it’s eyes, and scared them away, and that’s where the movie ended. So team 1 was going to work on learning about bees and directions.


Team 2’s movie was about pirates. In this movie they were told to look up look down look left, right and look all around. The movie started and it looked like the pirates were play swords, and then they saw the captain sleeping and decided to play a prank on her. After that the captain woke up and told as about the map. It was very amusing!


Team 3’s movie was about a normal boring day into a battle of quiz questions about scratch and coding, the Pt England school students against the Team 3 teachers. It started out by Mrs Carruthers the host of the quiz; Miss Scanlan and Miss Dwyer the competitor, and the Pt England students competition. Afterward Mrs Carruthers stared to ask one person from each group to aswner questions, after all of that, the winner was Pt ENgland students.


The next video was from team 4, and they played a movie on the tv. Which was about a student named Sarah who was new student at pt england school. Miss tumahai was the teacher at the gate. She gave Sarah a ipad that lead her around the school. Sarah found a QR code and scanded it using her ipad. The ipad stared played a video talking about where to go. The video lead her to all around the school and then to her class, which lead me to believe, team 4 are learning about QR codes this term.


Team 5 did and act instead of a movie. Mr wiseman was telling a story about two students with opposite personality, named Rachalle and latina at school. Rachalle was silly and crazy and Latina was the oppsite. Latina and Rachalle had a robot that looked like humans. but they weren’t humans. They had to control their own robot, which Latina was good at, but rachalle wasn’t. Their robots wouldn’t even flinch abit. They pure water on them, they tickled them, they scared them, but they didn’t flinch at all. At the end of the show Rachalle was sad because she couldn’t control the robot, but Latina showed rachalle how to control a robot, and Rachalle was so happy and that got them good grades. Team 5 are going to be learning about using descriptive language.


I liked all the movies they were all interesting and had something different. But if I had to pick a movie it would be the movie from team 5 as it had a lot of funny moments. I loved all the movies and I am excited for the term and am ready to do loads of learning. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts this term!

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