Hi viewer welcome back or welcome to my blog. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted Summer Learning Journey tasks – and the reason being I have actually was on holiday with my family this year – we went all the way to Fiji to visit some family and have some of our own family time because with covid-19 and school, we haven’t been as involved with our family’s as we would like to.

Out of my whole family, I have to be the one who had the most wonderful time with my amazing family. I was so happy to finally meet my beautiful niece and nephews, and I have made millions of memories with them. But deep down in my heart, I start to feel so miserable knowing that it was going to end and that I was going to have to go back home. Sometimes I wish that I could stay there forever.

My parents said that if I want, I can go back to see them again when I have a school holiday around the end of the year – and of course I said yes, and the reason because I don’t have a lot of family in New Zealand, so whenever I get the chance to go visit my family I take it. Also because it the only time I get to play with a baby or with younger kid, and this is because I don’t have younger siblings.

Also if your woudering why I was still posting writing, well, that is because I had wrote them before hand and then scheduled them to post on the days that I wanted. And if I could I would have done the Summer Learning Journey tasks before hand and then scheduled them to post, but the Summer Learning Journey tasks are posted daily so I wouldn’t have been able to do then before hand.

Also if you were woundering when I got back, I actually just got back yesterday!

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