Attic in a new house

Having moved into a new house, Alex had heard from her friends that that house was haunted. Maybe that’s how her parents managed to get this house at such a cheap price. Alex shuddered at the thought.

After putting down her things and items in her new room, Alex decided to explore the house. She wanted to start from the top to the bottom which meant the attic was first. Alex switched on the lights to the attic and looked curiously around the room. The lights, which were way too dim, only gave out long shadows of the things around her and faint details.

Somehow the past family had left in such a hurry and had not bothered to pack their things. She wondered why but derailed the train of thought before her mind went wild.

And mysteriously, the only things in the room were dolls, dolls, and more dolls. It was chocked full of dolls! Other than that, there were figures draped in cloth. The dolls were not the friendly type like Barbie but were the ones that gave her the chills, such as the kinds whose eyes can close with just a swipe of a finger. Most of the dolls were missing body parts which makes it creepy. At least they are not alive! Alex thought.

Alex’s eyes then landed on the clothes draping over something. What is that? She thought. She pulled down one of the many clothes only to jump up in fear. It was an old, rusty, teddy bear animatronic that seemed to be gazing at her! Some of its fur had already disintegrated to show metal robot parts underneath it.

Pulling down other drapes, Alex realised that they contained other creepy and scary old animatronics too. The animatronics were also in the same condition as the teddy bear, some in even worse conditions.

Thinking that she already had enough fear for the day, Alex turned to leave when she was suddenly draped by inky darkness. Alex gasped before nervously laughing at herself for being so scared of the lights going out.

Suddenly Alex heard a metallic whirl before the sounds of hydraulics and the heavy thumping on the ground. Suddenly she was surrounded by children’s laughter, cold and hard. It engulfed her and the room, and it seemed as if it was trying to corner her. Her face beaded with sweat as her heart pounded.

Alex did not dare to turn her head to see what it was, she screamed and ran….

Straight into a wall.

Alex felt hot liquid run down her chin but she did not wipe it. This was it, she thought to herself as she spun around to see who was out to get her…Only to see…


There was nothing.

Her breathing became ragged as her eyes darted nervously around the room. She stared at the many dolls and they stared back with their glassy, lifeless, eyes.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she turned to find the door to exit.

Only to hear the sounds come on again.

A dark shadow came over her and Alex turned to face an animatronic taller than her coming at her with it’s hands outstretched, it’s claws coming to tear her apart.

She screamed with all her might.

Far away from the attic, hardly anything could be heard. Nobody would hear the screams of a young girl as she was ripped limb to limb mercilessly. In time to come, her corpse would be discovered, only recognisable by the hair that still clung to her blood red skull.

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